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Book Review

Devil at the Gates by Lauren Smith


A duke with a dark past rescues a the daughter of a fencing master. What begins as a battle of wills becomes a battle of heart as Christmas works its magic.

My Review ….

This book originally started out in a box set. But the author has now released it on its own.

A short story set in the late 1700’s.

The Duke of Frostmore, also known as the Dark Duke, or the Devil of Dover. Redmond “Red” Barrington wasn’t always like the title he was now known as. He’d been a better man, but after finding his new wife in bed with his brother, Redmond had stepped off the cliff and into hell. His heart black and cold, vowing never to love again…..

Harriet needed to escape, her stepfather had plans for her, and they weren’t very nice ones. Escaping without her beloved mother was hard, but she was dying and Harriet couldn’t risk her. So with the aid of the housekeeper and her coachman she makes a bid for freedom…..

Harriet goes to the Dark Duke’s home to ask for his aid, her carriage has over overturned and the driver is badly injured. it’s not a good idea, in fact it’s a dangerous idea, but what choice has Harriet got? She won’t go home, not whilst that man is there. She needs the Dark Duke’s help.

An agreement is made, she will stay until she is well, and her coachman’s leg has mended. Then he will help her reconnect with her mother’s family.

Yes it has the predictable ending, and the journey getting there was a little rough. Red didn’t want anyone in his home or heart, but Harriet managed both. She stirs feelings in him that he thought were long dead. But he won’t love again, that hurt the last time he did it.

Once Harriet got to know Red a little better, saw past the bluster and anger, saw the man still hurting after seven lonely years. But she won’t trust him, he may give her back to her stepfather, or worse, take her himself. She must remain on guard at all times.

It’s a nice little read. I know it was intended as a Christmas read, but I didn’t get it then 😉but it’s nice my written, and can be read in a few hours.


Published by jab1969

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