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Book Review 📱

The boy who came back a wolf (Space Shifters Chronicles) by Kara Lockharte.

He wasn’t what she wanted.
He wasn’t right for her.
She was wrong—so wrong. 

When Lauryn Daring rejected skinny Xavier Stone’s advances in high school to build an empire in the big city, she had no idea the mistake she was making. But after years apart, the man that walks back into her life is far from the geek she once knew. Xavier changed—in all the right ways. After being stationed on a dangerous planet of werewolves for nearly ten years, the tall, rugged, ferocious, and undeniably sexy soldier is back for what he’s wanted all along: Lauryn.

And this time, Lauryn won’t be able to resist.

READER NOTE: This is one SEXY HOT SHORT STORY featuring an alpha wolf coming home to claim the woman he could never forget. 

Space Shifters Chronicles Series.

Wanted by the Werewolf Prince 
Taken by the TigerLord
The boy who came back a wolf
My Review……. 
Lauryn hadn’t seen Xavier in years, not since he pulled out on a military transport to Alzar-4 after graduation. 
They had been the best of friends, inseparable, until he kissed her!! 
And now after years of not seeing him, Xavier is back in touch. 
What’s a girl to do? Can she forgive him? And why is he in touch now? 
Xavier has always loved Lauryn. And now he’s back to claim her. He makes it pretty clear he wants her. And when they meet up he only wants to talk and let his intentions be known. But his animal side wants more. So he takes her, and there is no mistake that she’s now his. 
A short but intense story. 
Lauryn never wanted to mess up their friendship, but she could see that loving Xavier wouldn’t get her where she wanted to be, and they was rich and powerful, she never wanted to be hungry or weak again, as a child she had plenty of that. But meeting up with Xavier made her realise that she could have gotten what she wanted, and he would still have loved her. 
It could have been made into a longer story, it had plenty of content. And in parts it felt a little rushed. But it was a fun read for a Sunday afternoon. 

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