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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

CIRCLE OF THE PACK (The Quytel Series) Book Three by JANE S. MORRISSEY

“The Quytel are a rare and ancient race. They are born as humans with a specific genetic marker and psychic abilities giving them the potential to become Quytel. It is a rare condition that occurs only a handful of times in each century, and few can survive the initiation process. To become Quytel means joining one of the seven Quytel Circles made up of three Judges, three Seekers, seven Warriors and one Commander. Circles are bound to a geographic territory they must protect and serve. Through near immortality, powerful psychic abilities, and a bond that ties them together, this ancient order has been charged with maintaining the balance of paranormal power on earth.”


The mysterious and elusive Maliha Courtland has ensnared Ash Montgomery and he’s not happy about it. When she disappears, he is the only one who can track her. What he finds will change his life forever. 

Not long after her recovery from a brutal demon attack, Maliha finds herself a prisoner. As she fights for her sanity, she uncovers a part of herself she never could have imagined. Ash may be the one person who can keep her safe, but what will he have to sacrifice in the process?

My Review….. 

Oh Wow!! That was a Really good read. So much going on. I personally would have liked to have read the first two books, as I felt a few things were running in the background of this book. 
Maliha is a wolf shifter, she’s also connected to the earth like her twin brother Cole. 
It looks like in previous books Mali had been attacked and she’s recuperating, but she’s not a good patient, she needs space from both the facility and Ash!! They’ve always been friends, and recently they had been flirting on and off, but since the attack (Mali was in a fight and got hurt pretty bad by a demon) Ash has backed off, no flirty, just another overbearing male!! 
Ash has fallen for Mali, her spirit draws him in, her kindness to others and her determination not to be beaten down. Ash has cultivated the playboy act for so long now, even he believes it, so he can’t see how he can assure Mali that he wants her for as long as she’s alive (being a warrior for the Quytel, brings a longevity to his life, he’s seen his family line die out) 
The two of them have history (so I think books one and two might have a little more of their story) the flirting back and forth, Ash convinced that she’s the one for him, Mali wanting more from Ash than just talk. And when Mali is captured, Ash is driven to find her. He’s realised he can’t do without her, they will be together, he just has to find her…. 
There are many layers to the Quytel (it had me confused until I’d gotten it straight in my head) so …… 
At the top we have Jonas, he’s the commander, he’s linked psychically to all the levels in his group, then there are the three judges, three seekers, those are followed by seven warriors. 
And then we get to the vessels , there are only ever fourteen active Vessels (one dies, one takes its place) they exist on earth and each are of vital importance. They are also more powerful than an entire Quytel Circle, their destructive and healing power unequalled. To bond with a vessel can increase lifespan and boost your own gifts. 
There are also seven other commanders, they are all around the world. 
And the bad guys are just as complicated!! I needed a pen and paper to keep notes. We have werewolves, demons, mages and The Order of Sennestia Cruterra. 
The Order is Sennestia Cruterra is the Quytel’s main rival for control of power on Earth. Members are powerful mages, they can also control the elements of Water, Earth, Fire and wind. 
They are formidable opponents, devious and deadly!! 
The characters are all great, we were introduced to just a select few, but heard about many more. Jonas is the commander of the group, Mack is his second in command. (Now there is a back story worth investigating) Dahlia is a vessel, she’s looked after by Firhan, but I suspect there is more to that story also. 
The descriptions in this book have you imagining the world they live in really easily. The story flows really well. 
And I can’t wait to read the next instalment. I’m tempted to go back and read the first two books. 

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