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Defy Me (Dragons Love Curves) Book 6 Aidy Award


I know full well I don’t get to even feel love, much less fall in it.
No soul, no soulmate. Ever.
I don’t have room for stolen kisses and fantasies of of making her mine. I’ve got to break the curse on my brethren and take down the King of Hell.
So why is the dragon part of me insisting on marking and claiming this strange and beautiful woman who just walked into my life (and drank my beer)?

My life is a wreck. Really weird stuff is happening, like how I accidentally keep turning this hot guy into a dragon and how I really, really wants to kiss him. Again.
What am I thinking? Dark and broody bad boys with those kind of six-pack abs only want one thing, and they don’t want it from me ang my big ole butt.
But we’re stuck together until we can figure out how to break some crazy supernatural curse. How can any of this even be real?

My Review……

That was such a good read. We’ve read about Jett almost from the beginning of this series. He played both sides, being both evil and good. Didn’t like him at first, until we get to know him. 
He needed to free his brethren, they all serve the Black Dragon, albeit unwillingly. But Jett wants out for himself and his brothers. 

Yvaine is a pickpocket, only taking from those to can afford it. But she needs to get to 

It’s instant attraction for both of them, Jett doesn’t believe in mates (well not for him and his demon dragons) they don’t have a soul, so how can they have a mate?! And these warm fuzzy feelings he has to protect and care for Yvaine there are just nuts, he has to got time to care about her, his brethren should come first…. shouldn’t they? 

We catch up with Jett in a pub, he’s meeting someone to break the demon dragons curse, what he gets a whole lot more. 
We get more story about the origin of Jett, and the demon dragons (who in previous books really aren’t very nice) over time they are growing on you, we find out, that they are cursed, so don’t really have a choice in what they do. 

Loved how we keep what Yvaine is a secret until the last few chapters. Catching up with previous characters from other books is always fun (except for Maych the leader of the Red Dragons, he needs his mate) 

So does Jett get his happy ending? Will Yvaine find out who she is? Will Jett find out what she is? And will they both be able to break the demon dragon curse? 


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