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Book Review

Worth the Wait by Traci Douglas  


Mandy Reynolds needs a reset on life in so many ways. Her acting career isn’t
exactly where she’d hoped it to be. She can’t even get a job as a germ for a
commercial. When she inherits half a house she sees it as a sign and heads home to
Heavenly Falls, Illinois. She’ll sell the house, and use the money to take her
career to the next level in Los Angeles. That is if she can convince her
hard-headed––and stupidly gorgeous–– ex-stepbrother, Alex Noonan, to sell fast.

The last time Alex saw Mandy, she was a gangly teen, who followed him around like a
sad puppy. But she’s grown into a smart and funny woman, who is as frustrating as
she is beautiful. The fact that they have to live in the house––together––while they
fix it up, is one temptation he doesn’t need. And while he’s having fun spending
time with her, she’s moving on soon, and he needs time to heal.

Plus, she has no idea he’s got a secret that could put a monkey wrench in all of her plans...

My Review…..
Mandy needs help, her acting career isn’t where it should be (well in her opinion), so when she gets the news she’s to inherit half a house, it’s the answer to her prayers, fix it up… sell it on…. easy…. well it would be if it wasn’t for her brother, well stepbrother, well in fact not even that now their parents are divorced, he won’t help her.
Alex wants this house, he has plans, and they don’t include Mandy. He wants to use the house as a showpiece, to show potential customers what he can do. Being an ex-investigator for the IRS paid the bills, but after being shot, Alex now suffers with anxiety and PTSD. So working on the house, he’s hoping will help him.
Neither can afford to buy one another out, so they agree to work together, fix the house, then Alex can buy her out. Then Mandy will be back on the road to stardom.
The story trots along, with both Mandy and Alex fighting and repairing the house, they also take sneaky peeks at one another.
Mandy thinks she’s nothing like her mother, she was into being with “the one” the relationships never lasted. So subconsciously she’s always on the move, and never getting involved in any long term relationships. The love affair between her mother and Alex’s father lasted only for a year, but long enough for Mandy to have an enormous crush.
Have to admit love affairs between siblings isn’t on my reading list. I know it’s only step-siblings, (but I have stepdaughters, and I just couldn’t see my son and his stepsister ever being a couple) but that’s my opinion. But saying that, it’s a nice story. Plenty of loose ends that could have been sorted. And plenty of questions that went unanswered. A little frustrating at times.
So will Mandy move on, once the house is ready? Will Alex be able to see past his failings? Can he forgive Mandy for caring, and wanting the best for him? And can they be more than step-siblings?


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