Thursday’s Post

First, let me thank all the healthcare workers who are our front-line defense against the coronavirus: doctors, nurses, laboratory technologists, and researchers. Thank you for all that you do.

To the shop workers, who are tirelessly trying to restock the shelves.

I hope everyone is able to stay safe. This is going to be a long road with a feeling of helplessness because this is something that we can’t control. I think the best way to get through this is just to take one day at a time. Also, if anyone has elderly neighbors or family, please check in with them.

Ok I have a TBR shelf (this was suppose to be holiday reading) but it’s highly unlikely that I won’t be going on holiday anytime soon.

So I’m aiming to read most of these before I go back to work!!

1 thought on “Thursday’s Post


    Hey Bestie, you go. I have every confidence in you, that you can get through quite a few of these books read in …….. 3 weeks 😀 ❤ xxoxoxoxo



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