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Book Review 📱

Sister’s of the Coven (Daughter’s of the Warlock) book 1 by Amelia Shaw 


Her Mother’s death unleashes her biggest secret….. the secret that could destroy them all. 

When Ava’s mother dies, the responsibility of her daughters safety falls to the eldest of the three. Heir to the Coven, she must locate the most powerful warlock in all the realms: her father.

Only problem is, he has no idea he has a daughter, and the Counsel of Warlock’s is not about to allow an illegitimate heir to inherit their power.

Now Ava must hide who she is…or risk the wrath of the most powerful warlocks in the Universe. But hiding the power inside her isn’t as easy as it sounds, and soon, she finds her life and the life of her sisters in danger.

My Review …… 
I’ve read a few of the authors previous books, and I’m opening it with much anticipation….. 
Ava being the eldest of three sisters isn’t impressed with her mother, although she’s dying, her mother is still a formidable figure. 
Getting told that she had to look after and protect her younger sisters has Ava annoyed. Why her? They are old enough, but there is something her mother is hiding….. 
When your whole world literally falls down around your ears, you would expect to feel fear, wouldn’t you? Ava did, but she also felt free, no longer under the harsh tongue of her mother. 
We follow Ava through a minefield…. finding out about her father was the easy part, finding out both herself and her sisters will be hunted and murdered by the council was hard, and why? Her father can only have one heir by his wife chosen by the council, see where this is going? 
This book is told in the main characters point of view. I got the impression when first reading the character of Ava, she was a bit of a brat!! But the further you get into the book, Ava shows us why she’s cold, her mother always pushed her, she got the talks, Courtney and Bella got the love. But we see Ava grow, she needs answers to her heritage so she has to be careful where she looks for answers. 
So does Ava get to meet her father? And who is Tavlor? And what is the connection that Ava feels with him? Can she trust him? 
It ends on a cliffhanger!! So I’m definitely wanting to read the next instalment. 

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One thought on “Book Review 📱

  1. What an awesome review. Can’t wait to start a new author. You get some awesome stories to review ❤


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