Tuesday’s Post


My prime minister gave a press conference yesterday. Advising everyone that if you don’t need to go out, then stay in!! I don’t think it will be long before a proper lock down will be in place. Police will be patrolling more, giving out fines if necessary. Let’s hope the people that don’t need to be out, will actually stay indoors.

Rant over …… let me tell you about my day.

Did more cleaning, watched a few people walk, jog or stroll by the house. Definitely less footfall today. Caught up with people via text, FaceTime and calls.

Reading and writing a few reviews, also looking at starting a few audio reviews (do you think it should be an audio review?)

Sun out again today, so washing went out on the line.


1 thought on “Tuesday’s Post

  1. wayds@prodigy.net

    Hey Hun
    Aren’t we just having all kinds of fun.
    We’ll have to have a face to face one of these days. Hubby’s using his holiday time for two weeks, so it’s us and Annie. Katie’s clinic is shut down, yesterday had my haircut appt changed to later in April. J is Still working and came by to do laundry

    Everyone stay home and stay healthy
    Lots of love ❤ ❤



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