Wednesday’s Post

Another sunny day, another day watching people walk by, are they all going to work? Are they just going shopping? Or are they meeting up with friends? Watching the news, scrolling on FB, or talking to friends and family on the phone, more and more people are getting onboard with social distancing, but what is making people cross are the ignorant people, those people that can’t bear to be indoors, that have to be out!! What more do people want? What don’t people understand?

Anyway rant over😉

I got a lovely surprise today.

I’m very excited. Can’t wait to open and dive in.


1 thought on “Wednesday’s Post


    We have people here that are out and about that should not be.
    We’re doing our part, guess time will tell.

    Loving the green butterfly mug ❤

    My new book should be here by Saturday, fingers crossed

    If descent day tomorrow, maybe another day of laundry hanging out to dry. Get some fresh air while doing so.
    Love to my B family ❤ xoxoxo



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