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Book Review 📱

Rebound (Curvy Seduction Saga Book 1) by Aidy Award  


She doesn’t want love, she wants a rebound…
He needs so much more from her. He needs everything. 

Angelina: I am so damn done with being the chubby doormat for my soon-to-be ex-fiancé. I changed myself for every man in my life. Except Gray – my bodyguard.
Too bad he’s totally not interested in getting his kink on with me. No, he’s made it perfectly clear he’s only here to protect me.
We’ll just see about that.
Protect me from this, buddy. I’m going out on the town to find myself a good old-fashioned ménage. 

Gray: For the love of all that is holy, I want Angel in my bed, tied up, blindfolded, begging me. I want her to be completely mine.
I can’t do that. Not yet. She isn’t ready for what I want from her.
I’ll break her.
Because I’m completely f*cking broken.
It might kill me to watch her be with any other man.
But, I won’t be her rebound.

My Review …… 

Angelina wants for nothing, a trust fund that will keep her happy for a long time, but she’s not really happy, dumped by her fiancée? Or did she dump him? (Both would say they dumped each other first!) she’s looking for fun, well, actually she’s looking at her bodyguard Gray, she’s always been in love with him, if only he’d see her as a woman, and not a body to guard…..

 So she looks at having a one night stand, sex, pure and simple. Being conned by her fiancé pissed her off, he sleeping with her best friend, that hurt. So she’s out on the town looking for a man, any man (because the one she really wants turned her down) 

Gray is her bodyguard, he’s been assigned to her for five long years. And now she’s free, he’s not happy that she wants to have sex with some random guy, but he knows she’s hurting, so he will protect her the best way he knows how, he will watch over her like he always has done, until she’s ready…. 

Angel has found her man, and in fact he comes as a package (he has a friend) and both are willing to share, and even let her “boyfriend” watch. 

Gray knows the only way to protect her is to watch over her, he’s hoping she will back out of this silly idea. 

She wants him, he wants her, but won’t do anything about it. It going on like this for most of the book. 

So he suggests she widen her sexual horizon’s, experiment after a failed relationship, but what he doesn’t bank on is her willingness to try EVERYTHING!! Threesomes, submission, domination, anal play and even hire three young studs to be her “harem”!!! He can’t tell her not to do it, he’s tried, but it’s messing with his mind, he needs to control her in some way….. 

This is a trilogy series. 

We explore the relationship between Gray and Angelina, we watch as she explores her sexuality, we hope that Gray finally takes control. We do see it mostly from Angelina’s point of view. 

So does he? And what will it mean for them? Angelina wants forever. Gray …… well I’m not to sure!!  


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