Book Review 📱

Rebellion (Curvy seduction Saga, book 2) 

She’s going to push his buttons.
He’s going to push her over the edge.
Angelina: Gray has opened up a whole new world for me. A dirty, kinky, sexy world.
He thinks he’s doing what’s best for me. He lets other men touch me, but he won’t.
Screw that.
I want him to take charge.
If he won’t… I might have to find someone who will.
Gray: Angel wants me to teach her, take her, tame her.
She thinks she knows what kink is. I’m dying to show her what submission really means.
I’ll never forgive myself if I break her.
I may have to leave her, to save her…from me.

My Review…… 
The second book in the trilogy has Angelina “angel” doing things she never dreamed of, but the one guy she really wants still won’t touch her, so it’s time to move on. 
Gray wants angel to trust him, he senses that she’s not quite there yet. And if she submits like he really wants her to, where will that lead? 
We still have the back and forth, one step forward with Gray, then two steps back. Then when Angelina goes to confront Gray, she finds him gone!!! 
At first she’s numb, the only man she could ever talk to the only one who understood her has left her….. Then anger sets then. So she makes plans to take her “harem” to Texas, to play at a “Ranch” to learn to be a female Domme. No one will ever see her “submit” again!! 
The Ranch isn’t what she was expecting. It’s a huge mansion out in Texas. But she’s made a commitment, she needs training to be a dominatrix, and Tate the owner said he’s willing to help. 
So will Angelina get her wish? Will she become a successful Domme? And who is behind the mask? He says he wants to train her, but first she needs to submit. Will she? And we have a player with a score to settle!! Is it with Gray or Angelina?
This book had me wanting to slap the pair of them. 


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