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Book Review 📱

Two Bonus stories only in the Box Set….. 

A Curvy Seduction Holiday StoryDescription…… 

Gray hates Christmas. How did I not know this?
I lurve the holidays.
I’m going to unscrooge him.
*rubs hands together and starts planning
Best way to spend Christmas? 
In bed. With Angel under me. Begging me.
Sucking me like a candy cane.
Screw the holidays.

My Review….. 
A short holiday story. This does need to be read after the trilogy, it’s a bonus story. It tells us about their life after the trilogy. 
Gray has never liked Christmas, so his angel tries to make him see Christmas from her point of view. He’s got his angel, he doesn’t need to have a special day to spoil her, but that doesn’t stop Angelina from getting to the bottom of his “bah humbug” attitude. 
It’s basically a really long sex scene. Finding out why Gray isn’t into the season of goodwill wasn’t really explained. But it was nice to catch up with Gray and Angelina after they had left the club behind, living on a tropical beach after the close call they had with their stalker. Not being far from each other’s sight. 



Gray’s Seduction begins ~Gray:
I’ve been Angelina’s bodyguard for years and in lust with her since the day we met. When she finally kicks her stupid fiancé to the curb I’ve got a chance to finally make her mine. But I won’t be her rebound.
I will help her find that kinky desirable side of herself. Even if means sacrificing my own happiness.

My Review….. 

This is a prequel (and told from Gray’s point of view. …. 
This is a bonus story in the trilogy box set. 
It’s told from Gray’s point of view (it covers the first book?) 
For five years Gray has been Angelina’s bodyguard. But that’s not where the story starts…. 
Gray is cold and unfeeling, the club he goes to unwind just isn’t doing it for him. The submissive women at his feet can’t touch his heart or soul. He needs to feel something, something other than self loathing. Saving a comrade in arms should have made him happy, but when you save the man your always in competition with, it doesn’t always work out that way. And three years on, Foster hasn’t forgiven him. 
Gray can’t believe it, he’s going to be a bodyguard for some bratty socialite, a dumb vacuous female. But he needs the money to fund his security business. Do the five years then he’s a free man to help the right kind of people. 
When he first meets Angelina, he mistakes her for a secretary. He’s more than interested in her, and so is his body. But once he knows who she is, then all bets are off. No fucking the bosses daughter. But that doesn’t stop him thinking about her. 
Now we get to where the trilogy starts. It’s been three years of Gray watching and wanting Angelina. Watching her mould herself into something she isn’t. 
And now his poor Angel is finally free of the idiot she was engaged to. But not the way he had planned, he wanted Marc to leave her, let her down gently, but If you’ve read the first book, you know that’s not how it happens. 
Gray has to control his feelings for Angelina, he’s never felt this way before, but as he’s into BDSM, he’s worried he could ruin her. And when she tells him she wants him ….. 
For the rest of the book, we get Gray’s thoughts and feelings. His fight with just claiming Angelina, with wanting to claim her, but also wanting her to become the amazing woman he knows she can be. 
It added a nice touch to the trilogy. 


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