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Book Review 📱

Souls of Magic’s Dawn: Book 1 of the Covenant of Souls by G.A. Lungaro. 


For over three thousand years, the Archmage Azrael has prepared to challenge destiny. As foretold by prophecy, Leto, God of Chaos, will soon unleash his power on the world, sowing discord and anarchy throughout the realms in a bid to rule creation. Azrael intends to stop him.

His pupil Isidora has spent her entire life dedicated to the study of magic, trained since a young age by the most powerful mage in the realm. After a five year absence, Isidora enlists the aid of her teacher and begins a quest to become a Summoner, a mage who can conjure the spirits of dead heroes. But when her quest plunges her into a clash of nations, will Isidora be a mere pawn or the key to preventing the coming conflict?

With the freedom of the world and the stability of the Pantheon of Gods at stake, the Archmage and his protégé travel through realms on the brink of war. In a chess match involving Lords, Kings, and Deities, student and teacher strive to remain one move ahead, to change Isidora’s fate, and save the world in the process.

My Review …… 

Lots going on, intense reading. We have lots of characters, magic, battles, mad gods, twists and turns and the usual unfulfilled prophecy…… 
Azrael is a mage with untold power, he’s been around for thousands of years. 
His favourite pupil has finally returned to the fold and unexpectedly she’s married!! 
Isidora has a new life, one with a loving husband, but she needs her old teacher to help with becoming a summoner of souls! 
The author made his world come alive with very detailed descriptions of the world he has created. I Liked the maps at the front of the book (very lord of the rings feel to it) I think it’s a trilogy, so I’m sure we will get a few questions answered in the next book. 
Loved the interaction between Lear’Za (she’s a Demoness) and Azrael, it was very much a love/hate/admire relationship, couldn’t really call it a friendship, even though they’d known each other for hundreds of years, she likes to torment Azrael.
And I got the impression that Azrael’s and Isidora relationship was more than teacher and student. He didn’t admit to anyone that his student just leaving without a word hurt him. (But she did leave him an explanation, he didn’t read it) I felt it very much a father/daughter bond.
But the star of this book is Isidora, very tenacious, very strong willed. She knows her mind, and she knows her abilities. What she doesn’t know is the path she must take to fill her destiny and the Prophecy. 
I liked this book a lot. I could see this as a film. Is the book a little too descriptive? Yes, but I like that, the more detailed the better. Battles were very well written (a tad gory in parts) But it could also work as a hindrance, in some places the details override the story. I Liked the gods and the pantheon, a very Greek feel. It’s not your usual magic and mayhem book, the main characters aren’t in love with each other, so you can concentrate on the story, and not some romance (which has been known to ruin a few good books) 
Will Azrael and Isidora be able to travel the path? Or will the outside forces be able to disrupt their path? What tricks has the God of Chais got up his sleeve? 
I can’t wait to read the next book to find out. 


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