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Suddenly Enthroned (The Royals) Book 1 by C.R. Riley 


It is a long-standing tradition that a Royal marries the person who was been chosen for them by those that believed they know best. Which would have probably been the case for King Antonio, if he hadn’t become King before he had the chance to do just that. 

While he was determined to not wed out of obligation, like those before him had done. He planned to marry for love instead. It had been his intention long before he found himself as King, he had expected to have at least five more years to win that argument with his father. Now he is the first King in the history of his kingdom to be without a Queen.

King Antonio remains unwed for longer than anyone considered acceptable. The reason he is about to allow those who believe it is time to rectify that, attempt to secure him suitable wife. That is until he meets Larkin Cross, an architect who will be traveling to his country to do some historical restoration for his family and country. 

Larkin had no idea who Antonio was when she first met him; therefore, she treated him like he was just a man, rather than a King. Something that had never happened to him until that very moment, and it was exactly what he found he liked most about her. 

Now Antonio is determined to risk it all for love. He knows it will not be easy; that he will face off with those who believe it is wrong to break tradition. However, Larkin is his only hope to provide him a life that will be unlike any other, giving him the strength to fight for her.

Will love win, or will those powers fighting against him prevail? 

My Review …… 
This is a new series, not sure where this series will take us, but this book tells us about the new king. 
Antonio thought he had five years to accomplish his tasks, to become a good king and when it was time, to find a wife that will rule by his side to love him for the man, and not the King. But that wasn’t to be, sadly his father died and Antonio became the King.
Larkin loves her job. Restoring historical buildings is her passion. 
She was accepted into the master’s program at UIC for architecture. And her love of architecture was born. Larkin has ADHD, (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a condition that includes symptoms such as inattentiveness hyperactivity and learning was always a little difficult, as was her social life, but that never stopped Larkin. 
And after the death of her best friend, she was determined to make him proud. Now if she gets this job, it will cement her career. 
Antonio knew where he was going, I felt like he had a good head on his shoulders but, to find love instead of obligation? We all know a Prince is suppose to marry for position, so how will Antonio get around it? 
Loved most of the secondary characters, love/hate the stepmother, Antonio’s siblings were a lot of fun to read. Larkin I felt made the book, her lack of filter was a breath of fresh air, to say what you feel instead of what your brain says must make for a refreshing change. 
But I couldn’t help but feel something was missing. Maybe a little more passion wouldn’t have gone amiss. It felt a little cold.
But i Loved the way Larkin spoke to Antonio, she never treated him any differently, not even after she found out who he was. His musings to himself were a little off putting, but once I’d gotten use to his way of thinking and acting, it made a little more sense.
It read like a movie script rather than a book. Lots of background, lots of history pertaining to the family. The wording felt a little stilted and stiff. Not usually a fan of the characters narrating the story, but I could see where the author was going with it. And why she did it. 
I’m hoping the brothers get books. 
So will Antonio get his wish? Will he marry for love and not duty? And how will Larkin react once she knows Antonio really is the king of his castle? 
It’s a fun read, it’s a short read. And it made a change to read it from the man’s point of view as well as the female’s. 

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