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Thursday’s Post

In 2016, Agents H and High T of the Men in Black travel to Paris to stop an invasion of the Hive—a parasitic race who invade planets by merging with the DNA of the conquered species—at the Eiffel Tower using a wormhole included in the original migration to Earth. Twenty years earlier in 1996 Brooklyn, Molly Wright witnesses her parents being neuralyzed by agents of Men in Black while she helps an alien escape, avoiding neuralyzation herself. Twenty-three years later in 2019, as Molly attempts to gain employment to the secret organization through the CIA and FBI, they are confused and assume she is delusional when she spoke about aliens. Molly finally catches a break by tracking down an alien landing and following MIB agents to their headquarters in New York City. Caught entering the agency and almost neuralyzed, Molly makes an impression on Agent O, arguing that she has proven her skills and has no life outside her search for the agency and the fact that she found them. She is then awarded probationary agent status as “Agent M” and assigned to the organization’s London branch.

There, M meets High T, head of the London branch, and Agent H. M learns about H and T’s past; H has since developed a God complex, unconcerned with his duties and only keeping his job due to High T covering for him. M arranges for herself to be assigned to assist H in his meeting with Vungus the Ugly, his close friend, and alien royalty. During their night out with Vungus, they are accosted by mysterious alien twins able to manifest as pure energy. These energy aliens fatally injure Vungus; before he dies, he hands M a crystal stating H has changed since they last met and can no longer be trusted. After being placed in front of High T and almost neuralyzed for allowing Vungus to be assassinated, M points out that few people knew Vungus’s location, and that he was likely betrayed by one of the agents present when High T assigned H to guard him. Nervous at the possibility of a mole within MIB, High T assigns Agents C and M to conduct an investigation while H is placed on desk duty, with evidence suggesting that the alien energy twins had DNA traces of the Hive.

H convinces M to join him in following a lead to Marrakesh. There they discover a small being who is the last survivor of a small group of aliens attacked by the energy twins; with his queen killed, he pledges loyalty to M, who names him “Pawny”. Walking in the streets, they discover agents were sent to arrest M and H, coordinated by C, who was given recovered video footage of Vungus passing the crystal to M and believes she is the traitor. With the aid of alien contacts Nasr and Bassam, H escapes with M and Pawny on a rocket-powered bike where they crash and land in the desert. There they learn that Vungus’s crystal is an ultimate weapon powered by a compressed blue giant star. As they attempt to repair the damaged bike, Bassam (hidden in a water canteen) steals the weapon and takes it to Riza Stavros, an intergalactic alien arms dealer and H’s ex-girlfriend. After traveling to Riza’s island fortress near Naples, the trio attempt to infiltrate the base but are caught by Riza and Luca Brasi, her second-in-command. M realizes Luca is the now-adult alien she rescued as a child after saying the line he told her before disappearing; he returns the favor by allowing them to leave with the weapon while he is keeping Riza contained. The three are then cornered by the energy twins demanding the crystal for the Hive; as they prepare to attack, a group of agents, including High T, emerge from the tree line and destroy them.

Although the case appears solved, H and M review the evidence and realize that the energy twins’ phrases of doing anything to save their planet suggests they required the weapon to use not as their allies but against the Hive, especially when the only evidence of Hive DNA was provided by High T. They discover High T has deleted the case file and the weapon is missing from evidence. C also realizes High T’s deception and informs H and M that High T is in Paris. As they travel to the wormhole, M’s questioning of H’s memory of the Hive’s defeat reveals he was neuralyzed. High T reveals himself as the converted mole of the Hive and activates a wormhole to draw them to Earth. However, H is able to draw out High T’s true self long enough for T to relinquish the ultimate weapon, allowing M to acquire and activate it. High T, the wormhole, and the Hive infestation trying to reach Earth are destroyed.

With the truth and tragedy of High T’s assimilation into a Hive spy exposed, Agent O joins H and M in Paris, where she grants M full agent status in New York and appoints H probationary head of MIB’s London branch. Before M leaves for New York, she takes one last road trip with H back to London, where she has ‘gifted’ Pawny to H to keep an eye on him.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ not as good as the first one, but definitely better than the next couple.

Another good day. Yoga in the morning, caught up with family and friends on phone and whattsapp. Weather kept quite a few people in today. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


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