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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Blue Embers (A Storm Of Fire) Book 2 by Courtney Leigh 


The Draak, an ancient race of dragon shapeshifters, have been the dominant species on Earth for centuries, but new threats are lurking to upset the delicate peace.

Following a rebel attack that nearly cost the Draak their leader, Killian Valentyne is tasked with tracking down those responsible. With the development of a new museum exhibit underway that Killian hopes will build a better understanding between humans and Draak, he’s stretched a bit thin. 

Persephone Grant is a dedicated historian and the new curator for an exhibit funded by known Draak playboy, Killian Valentyne. She’s intelligent, mysterious, and exactly the kind of distraction Killian doesn’t need, but a connection to the rising conflicts might just put her in the middle of it all.

With Draak-killing weapons floating around in rebel hands and suspicions that an ancient enemy has made its way to Earth, having feelings for a human would only make things harder for Killian. He knows the pain of loss too well to get caught up in affections, especially with a war coming, but Persephone may prove to be a force all her own. One taste should have been enough to sate their urges. 

My Review……. 
We met Killian in the previous book “Ash Bringer” he’s a lover not a fighter, but that’s not to say he won’t pick up a weapon for his race. Always looking for his next conquest, his next fun time. 
After almost being killed in the latest terrorist attack, Killian is looking for answers. He has in his possession a piece of metal that is giving him nightmares, this metal has the ability to kill a Draak, how did the human resistance get hold of it? Is the old enemy of the Draak emerging? Why now? Why here? 
One of his projects is a museum, a way to bridge the gap between human and Draak. But his help is needed. So he’s off to find out what needs doing, but little does he know his life is about to change…..
Persephone loves her job, it gives her a purpose. She finds the history of human and Draak fascinating. Although her personal view is also a little off, her sister is laying in hospital a casualty of the Draak regime…..
Both Persephone and Killian have a mutual attraction to one another, but Killian is in no mood for a mate, he prefers variety. And although he finds Persephone a delightful distraction, he can’t let his mind wander too far from his job, he needs to find out who is supplying the rebel faction weapons to destroy the Draak race!!  Persephone is drawn to Killian, but after seeing the effect it had on her sister, she wants no part of that life….. 
But both are thrown by their desire for one another, they can’t keep their eyes (or hands) off each other.  But someone is watching them, is it a friend or a foe? 
I’m liking this series more and more. The characters, the storyline.  They aren’t here as friends, the Draak race came here to conquer and rule, and they have done for centuries. They aren’t a nice race, and in the first book, I really wasn’t happy with the male hero, in fact I almost hoped that the heroine did get her chance to kill him.  But Killian is different from Draven, he was a warrior, a true warlord, Killian is more of a diplomat. That’s not to say he can’t fight, he just chooses his battles. 
In the last book we see a resistance/rebel force forming to other throw the Draak rule, but they are using both propaganda and fear to aid their cause. I’m all for overthrowing tyranny, but the way they are doing it! I’m not sure, they seem to want war more than a way to drive the Draak out, it feels like they want to rule instead! Will their leadership be any better? 
We also find out that if a Draak takes a human for ? Then a link is made, and if not maintained the human will slowly die!! 
I do like to watch the mighty fall, how they believe they deserve to be loved, but won’t reciprocate. They think it will be all one sided. And to fall for a human, that won’t happen. But when it does, it’s fun to read. 
Beautifully written, descriptions are detailed but not to the extent that you feel the author is just page filling. The world is growing nicely, meeting key characters at just the right time, not being overloaded with too many. 
Love the characters, even the bad guys. They make you want to boo at the page. 
There is so much scope for this series, I’m hoping we get many more. 

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