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Arctic Bite (Forgotten Brotherhood) Book 2 by N.J. Walters  


Being immortal doesn’t mean you can’t die. It just means you’re damn hard to kill.

When Alexei Medvedev joined the Forgotten Brotherhood—paranormals hired to assassinate other paranormals—he knew it wouldn’t be a cake walk. But his next target is one of Death’s own Reapers gone rogue. For the first time since he started this gig, “damn hard to kill” feels more like “damn near impossible.”

Tracking Cassie Dobbs brings him to a remote bar in small-town Alaska, where this hot-as-hell Reaper is casually serving drinks, as if she doesn’t have a bounty on her head from Death himself. Alexei is dangerously intrigued. Everyone in the Brotherhood knows the first rule: don’t fall for your target.

But Alexei soon has bigger problems to face than an unexpected attraction. They only send assassins after those who deserve to die…or so he’s been made to believe. Now that he’s met Cassie, though, he’s not so sure.

What if everything he’s been told is a lie, and the person he’s been sent to kill is the only one who knows the truth?

Each book in the Fury Unleashed series is STANDALONE:
* Fury Unleashed
* Arctic Bite

My Review…… 
Alexi is a bear shifter, with a little something extra. He’s been around for a long time, so nothing really surprises him anymore. But the bartender serving him drinks is, she’s his target, but he’s not sure why. And Alexi hates mysteries, so he’s going to watch and wait a little while, hoping he’ll get some answers soon. 
Cassie is a grim reaper, taking souls to the afterlife. But no longer, she’s had enough, but she knows her family will come for her, It’s only a matter of time. Hiding in a bar in the middle of nowhere, Cassie serves drinks and listens to the patrons woes. She likes it here, she looks after the town, she worries about them all. 
Both the main characters are interested in one another, but neither can really act upon it, what if they give in an give away what they really are! 
But Cassie is being hunted and when they eventually find her, what will happen? And how will Alexi respond? 
I’m liking this series more and more. This is the second book of the series. 
The brotherhood is a misfit band of immortals who take contracts out to kill or capture other immortals. 
Each with their own story to tell. Maccus being the oldest and strongest (his story was Fury Unleashed) Asher and Maccus formed the brotherhood. Recruiting others to join them. 
Really well written, fight scenes come alive on the page. 
Although it’s a stand alone, I found it easier to read in order, it flows a little better, and there are a few things from the previous book in this one. 
The characters were great, a bear/vampire hybrid. And the grim reaper, (oh and there is more than one, which is a new one on me.) 
Alexi longing to belong somewhere, both shifters and vampires shun him, he’d love a family and a mate. 
I loved Cassie, a reaper from the beginning of time, no emotions, seeing everything but not getting involved. Loved her take on life, her passion for chocolate and pizza, and her caring nature for those around her. 
I loved the growing attraction between them, they know they can’t be together, so they are going to make the most of their time together. 
We also have the dilemma of Cassie being hunted. Why? She maybe a rogue reaper, but there isn’t much that can kill her. 
To find out why your going to need to read the story.  Oh and a few surprises to keep you on your toes. 
I highly recommend this book. 

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