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Sleepwater Static #book 2 by Kathrin Hutson


They say home is where the heart is. Now that Sleepwater’s on the run, home is just another place to hide.
Wyoming’s Sleepwater chapter is on the run, hunted for their ability to spin a beat. With little time to mourn the members they’ve lost, Bernadette Manney takes the group to the one place she swore she’d never see again: the cabin in Hollywood, South Carolina. It’s remote enough to lay low and catch a break, but not for long.
Their beats are condemned as mutations, radical terrorist tactics, and felonies punishable both by and outside the law. Bernadette thought Sleepwater would be safe here, but returning to her Southern roots unleashes more demons than she left behind. Her past, her love, and even her own flesh and blood won’t let her move on through a venomous society intent on rooting out her people. Now, to bring a mother’s first child safely into an unsafe world, Bernadette must face her own shame from before Sleepwater itself was born. But redemption and forgiveness may be too much to ask, and it may just be too late.

My Review ….. 

We met Bernadette in the last book, she’s one of the original members of the group. They are now on the run, the government want them, the public don’t understand them, and they don’t understand what’s going on themselves. 
You don’t need to read the first book, but it does help. There is lots going on in the first book that will put stuff into perspective. 
Again this book jumps from past to present, this time showing us Bernadette’s story, I liked the messages from her friend, it actually filled in a few questions, without going into too much detail. We get the why she left South Carolina, what her ability or “beat” is and why she is the way she is……
It’s been six months since the last book. They are on the run from the government facility that captured a few of them. The Doctor that captured them did something to them, something terrible and half of the group will never be the same again. Sadness fills the air, losing friends that feel like family hurts them all. But Bernadette has a job to do, she needs to get them to safety, her family cabin seems like the best option. 
I have to admit I did like the first book better. But this one had its own good points. You expect a main character to be young, well Bernadette isn’t, she’s not a young woman, she’s not even middle aged, she’s an elderly woman with arthritis!!! 
She’s seen a lot in her time, a bully for a father, a jealous sister, a club owner who took advantage of her gift, friends who turned on her. But the turning point was when she turned her gift on her daughter!! She couldn’t take the guilt, and so Bernadette ran, and never stopped running. She’s collected strangers along the way, turning them into a family of sorts. 
We also catch up with a few old friends from the previous book, and a few surprises along the way. 

I really like Bernadette, she’s a very complex character, a hard life made easier with a few wonderful years, then given a second chance with her new family. She also comes into contact with her old family, how will she react with that? 

The ending definitely ended a little abrupt, so I’m hoping it’s not the end. 

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