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ARC Review …. Slay Me: A Dragon Shifter and Curvy Girl Romance (Dragons Love Curves Book 9) by Aidy Award.

Slay Me: A Dragon Shifter and Curvy Girl Romance (Dragons Love Curves Book 9) by Aidy Award.


He lost his love a long time ago, but now she’s back, and wants to find him a new mate….

Match is the most powerful Warrior of his day, and he’s one cranky son of a…dragon.

His true love has been in Hell and doesn’t remember him….

Now she’s back and wants to find him a new mate so they can save the world?

He’ll have to find a way to get her to fall in love with him once again which would be a whole lot easier if the dark forces of evil weren’t trying to steal both of their souls.

My Review……

Match has known who his mate was in like forever…..

But after losing her, Match withdrew from the world and became the dragon we all know now.

Finding her time and again, but only to lose her or for her to hide from him.

Enough is enough, he needs his mate, and after the last battle he fought and almost died in, he’s going to find her and mate her!!

Fallyn has always known pain, for her birthday her father would give her lashes!! Telling her that love was painful!!

She has to avoid the dragons, they will kill her on sight, but she has a mission, her mother gave her the task of finding mates for dragons!! (She can hear their voices in her head)

It’s all about the war between dragons and her father the black dragon. He also wants her to find the mates of the dragons, but his wants were more nefarious (it’s all to do with the dragons soul shards)

A soul shard was given to each dragon, he usually gives it to his mate to safe guard, but the Black Dragon has been told he can steal a soul shard and regain his soul!

Her last challenge is the formidable Red dragon, she can’t hear his mate in her head, but she has her mission, and she’s going to see it to the end, even if it kills her!!

I’ve loved reading this series. I’ve laughed like a loon at the antics of the dragons and their mates. I’ve shouted at my kindle when the dragons ballsed things up! And I cried when I read how much Match loved and missed his mate, how guilty he felt at not protecting her better!!

I’ve waited patiently for Fallyn and Match’s book, it seems like forever.

The backstory to how Fallyn and Match met and fell in love goes back almost one hundred and fifty years.

It’s a beautifully sad story, one of young love that was ripped apart.

We find out that Fallyn doesn’t remember Match, and so making her fall for him all over again seems like the only way forward.

But the black dragon who has kept her prisoner isn’t her father, and slowly poisoned her against the dragon world.

The action like in the previous books is fast paced, there isn’t time to catch your breath. We go from one scene to another at a hundred miles an hour!

I’m sad the series is finished, I’ve enjoyed every minute. I’m glad Match and Fallyn finally got their story. It seemed fitting that they had the last book in this series.

I have to admit I got a little confused over who was who at the end (and I had to read the last few chapters several times to get them straight in my head)

But it did explain a lot.

You could read it on its own, but your going to miss an amazing ride. You definitely need to read in order.

And you definitely need to read this book.


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