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Book Review …. To Save A Bear (Lumberjack Bears series) book 2 By Emilia Hartley

To Save A Bear (Lumberjack Bears series) book 2 By Emilia Hartley


When Addison Stravinsky finds herself staring down the barrel of a gun at her banking job, she decides life is too short not to pursue her dreams.

Her novel-writing dreams, that is.

Not the dreams about the sexy stranger who saved her in the bank.

But the new dreams won’t go away. Because the more Addison gets to know Reid Bronson, the more she’s attracted to this intelligent, sensitive, sexy, man. The trouble is, the more she gets to know him, the more she realizes he’s hiding something from her—something that’s threatening him from the outside and destroying him from within.

Lumberjack Bears series……

Book 1 – To Love a Bear

Book 2 – To Save A Bear

Book 3 – To Trust a Bear

Book 4 – To Tame a Bear

Book 5 – To Redeem A Bear

My Review….

We met Reid in the first book “To love a Bear”

Reid is a grumpy unsocial bear shifter. He’s happy that Boomer has his mate, but that means he had to visit town once a week for groceries, and it always seems like it’s his turn!!

Addison hates her job, being a teller in a bank isn’t her dream job, that would a writer. But it won’t pay the bills, so until something better comes along, this is where she has to stay. But an incident at the back has Addison re-evaluating her life, so she throws in her job, ends her lease on her home, and she’s gone, she’s ready for adventure.

Taking up the offer that Reid offered her seemed like a good idea at the time, but now, now she’s not so sure, he seems really grumpy at her just turning up at his home!!!

Reid is a nightmare, Addison feels something for him, she knows he feels something for her, but he keeps pulling away!!

This book is totally different from the first. I liked Reid, although a grumpy bear, he does have a good heart. Finding out that Addison could be his mate totally throws Reid, he knows he could make her happy, but if he shows her his bear and she freaks out that that’s his happiness gone!!

The action comes in the form of a hunter/hitman. He stalks both Addison and Reid.


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