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Book Review….. To Trust a Bear (Lumberjack Bears series) book 3 By Emilia Hartley

To Trust a Bear (Lumberjack Bears series) book 3 By Emilia Hartley


Morgan and his little gang of rogue bears are stirring up trouble.

Never in a million years did Callie want to see Morgan, the cheating jerk who stole her heart and stomped all over it over a decade ago. Unfortunately for her, the leader of her idyllic Alaskan community of bear shifters wants her to bring Morgan’s group back to the fold before they ruin things for bears everywhere.

The trouble is, the longer Callie hangs out with Morgan and his friends, the more she comes to doubt her upbringing. As everything she always thought important gets turned on its head, Callie must figure out who to trust and how to earn the trust of those she has inadvertently hurt.

Especially Morgan.

Lumberjack Bears series……

Book 1 – To Love a Bear

Book 2 – To Save A Bear

Book 3 – To Trust a Bear

Book 4 – To Tame a Bear

Book 5 – To Redeem A Bear

My Review …….

Morgan has always known Callie was his mate, they grew up together in the den. She was his everything, so he couldn’t understand why she would want to rip his heart out and make him leave both her and the den.

But he did it, and there hasn’t been a day in the nine long years he hasn’t missed her, or wished he’d pushed to find out why she spurned him!

And now he’s getting a chance to put it right. She coming to see Emmy (“to love a bear heroine”) and he can’t make any mistakes, he needs her, his bear pines for his mate, so he needs to make it right!!

Callie wants to go home and help the bears in her Den bring new cubs into the world. She doesn’t want to come and see a rogue pack, and she certainly doesn’t want to see the only man she’s ever loved. But with orders from her father burning in her mind, Callie doesn’t really have a choice, but she won’t let seeing Morgan disrupt her plans. Once she’s done, she’s going back home and getting on with her life!

This one has a lot more action in it, a lot more story and background. Morgan wanting to pull Callie closer to him, and Callie definitely wanting to pull away. Morgan needing to know why his mate didn’t want him, and Callie not willing to listen.

The cult side was an interesting twist, you assume the Den they all came from was a nurturing environment, and it does to an extent, but with a darker side. That side you don’t see until you step back and look at it in from another perspective.

So will the Den allow Callie and Morgan to be together? Will Callie be able to move past Morgan’s betrayal? And will the group Morgan lives with ever truly be free of the Den?

Again this book is different from the last two books in this series. Which is nice (nothing worse than the same plot reworded!)


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