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Book Review… To Tame a Bear (Lumberjack Bears series) book 4 By Emilia Hartley

To Tame a Bear (Lumberjack Bears series) book 4 By Emilia Hartley


Aimee believes her life may finally be heating up. At last she can follow her dreams of opening a restaurant. And with Callie off with her new mate, Aimee’s got the gorgeous grizzly she’s fallen for (and his gourmet kitchen) all to herself. Dominick is as tasty as the feasts she loves to make, and he seems to find her irresistible.

At least he does until the suffering caused by their fight with the Den makes him wild. The post-fight Dom is in constant pain and pulling away from Aimee as if afraid he might break her.

Can Aimee convince Dom that she’s stronger than she looks in time to prevent his bear side from overwhelming the man she loves?

Lumberjack Bears series……

Book 1 – To Love a Bear

Book 2 – To Save A Bear

Book 3 – To Trust a Bear

Book 4 – To Tame a Bear

Book 5 – To Redeem A Bear

My Review…..

Aimee was rescued by her best friend as a young otter shifter, and they’ve been best friends ever since. So when Callie “To Trust a Bear” had business in Montana, Aimee jumped at the chance to travel.

Things took an interesting turn when she meets Dom…..

Dominic “Dom” has always been the calm and levelheaded bear shifter. A quiet man, who loves to cook.

But all that was taken away from him after a huge fight and he was taken hostage, they beat him until he couldn’t stand up, and now he’s angry all the time, his bear is always on edge. He’s made his mind up that he’s no good for the cute otter shifter….

With was a hard one to read, if you’d read the previous book, you’ll know he was beaten and tortured. That seem to break the connection he had with his bear side, he can’t keep him calm anymore, all the bear wants to do is fight, and so Dom is scared for his family and his little otter shifter, he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but with his bear out of control he sees no option but to leave!!

Dom wasn’t one of my favourite characters in the series, but with each book I grew to like him, and this book had me in knots. No matter how much Aimee tried to persuade Dom that they were meant to be together, it made no difference. He couldn’t control his bear side, the bear just wanted to tear things apart, it was only quiet when Aimee was around. So why didn’t he make that connection? His guilt I think had a large part in it, he thought he couldn’t protect his friends any longer, so there was no way he could look after a mate. Being captured and tortured had to be hard on him.

Aimee I thought was great, such spirit, even when trying to convince her stubborn headed mate that they were meant to be together.

Her lust for life, her spirit remained strong even after so many trials in her life,

But I felt she was battling uphill with this one, how can you make someone see they would be ok if they didn’t believe it?

The Den are back to take Aimee’s best friend back, so it’s another battle. But will this be the fight that tips Dom over the edge?

Can Aimee be strong enough to pull Dom back from the precipice, or will he take them both down the path of heartbreak?


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