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Book Review….. To Redeem A Bear (Lumberjack Bears series) book 5 By Emilia Hartley

To Redeem A Bear (Lumberjack Bears series) book 5 By Emilia Hartley


Orion knows he’s losing the battle to control his bear. It’s only a matter of time before he’s so far gone that one of his friends feels obliged to put him down like a well-loved but rabid dog.

That’s partly why he welcomes the sexy shifter from the Den who shows up with a silver-bullet with his name on it. Orion figures this will be the perfect end–he’ll have a bit of fun with this vixen and then stop complicating everyone’s life.

Lumberjack Bears series……

Book 1 – To Love a Bear

Book 2 – To Save A Bear

Book 3 – To Trust a Bear

Book 4 – To Tame a Bear

Book 5 – To Redeem A Bear

My Review…..

Orion wasn’t born a bear shifter, he had his thrust upon him, a hunting trip gone wrong. So he’d never grown up with the second voice inside his head. The bear and man always clashing, fighting each other for dominance.

The only joy in his life is his ability to make things out of nothing. And now this ragtag band of shifters who have claimed him as family.

Anais was also changed from human to bear shifter, and guess what? She’s from the Den that’s been causing them so much trouble.

In fact she’s been sent to kill Orion, she’s been told he’s a loose cannon and if she kills him, then she get enough money to clear her brothers debts.

But Orion is onto her from the beginning, but he’s going to play along for a while. He knows she’s going to kill him, but both the man and the bear don’t seem too worried.

The more time Anais spends with Orion, the more she questions the Den’s motives. But she doesn’t really have much of a choice.

Can she find a way to keep everyone alive?

And if the Den come round again to finish off Orion for good this time, what side will she choose?

I’ve liked Orion right from the start. His background was different from the rest of the bears.

Loved how his humour came through at the most inappropriate times.

Also his fight to retain his humanity, he feels like he’s slowly losing himself to the bear, he can’t find a balance.

It was nice to have a female that could handle herself. Anais has had a troubled past, and her human brother is not helping it one bit, using her as a guarantor for his gambling debts!

So it’s either kill Orion, or she loses her life and her brother’s.


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