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An Arc Review ….. 👩🏻‍💻 Bait N Witch (Brimstone Inc Novella) Legendary Consultants. book 3 by Abigail Owen 

Bait N Witch (Brimstone Inc Novella) Legendary Consultants. book 3 by Abigail Owen 


Rowan McAuliffe has been hiding most of her life. Secretly trained in her powers by an unusual source, she’d been taught not to trust anyone. Especially other witches. However, after she was forced to perform a hateful act against her will, she now hides from the Covens Syndicate and their judgement.

Greyson Masters is the Syndicate’s best hunter. On top of the danger of his job, Greyson is trying to raise his triplet daughters alone, budding new witches who display an alarming combined power no one understands. Too bad he doesn’t have a clue how to deal with them.

Until Rowan walks in and the chaos settles for the first time in…well, ever.

Little does Greyson realize that his new nanny is the very witch he is hunting, and she’s been hiding right under his nose this whole time.

My Review…… 

Greyson is a powerful mage, he works for the Covens Syndicate (it’s like a witches and warlocks council.) Basically finding witches or warlocks that break the rules set by the council. He either brings them in for judicial system to sort, or he can dispense justice there and then. 

Rowan is a witch on the run, after being held against her will and made to do evil things, she escaped. But she always has her eye on the road, she can’t stay long. The nanny job is a great way to hideout until her trail has gone cold. 

I liked this book. You could probably read without reading the previous books, I did, but I felt I was missing things. So I may have to go back and start at the beginning. 

Well written, very descriptive.

I sense there is more to Rowan than just a simple witch (do previous books give us more?) am I right? Read it and find out😉

Grayson has pre-teen triplet daughters, his wife died in childbirth, so a succession of nannies have tried to help him. But his daughters aren’t having any of it, they don’t need a nanny (so reminds me of the film “The Sound of Music”)  and try to cause trouble for Rowan at every turn. But slowly she wins them over, she treats them like young adults rather than little children. Grayson also has a hard time with his daughters, he’s not sure how to relate to them, and when they ask about their mother, what does he say? 

Rowan knows what it’s like to lose someone, her parents were killed in an accident, the woman/demon/witch who looked after and cared for her like a daughter was killed by the werewolf that took her. So Rowan can’t get attached to the teens, and certainly not the dad!! 

The attraction between Grayson and Rowan was fun to read, the lust was practically instant, the trust comes later, (along with a few scorching kisses) but with both of them hiding secrets from one another, how long will it be before secrets coming tumbling out? 

And how will the witch hunter react when the witch he’s hunting is right under his nose? 


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