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Arc Review …. Forbidden Desire (Planet of Desire) book 4. by Robin Lovett 👩🏻‍💻

Forbidden Desire by Robin Lovett


Being a sex goddess should be my dream come true—as much sex as I want, with magic powers to heal people, too. Until I realize the enormously strong human I desire most is completely off-limits. My people will put me in prison if I’m caught with a human.

But one encounter together leaves me panting for more. So I kidnap him and take him to an alien sex retreat. I soon discover not only is my big strong human a virgin, his bio-engineering might have made him the largest person I’ve ever seen, but also it made him unable to feel any sensation on his skin.

We’ve got three days to try to heal him with my sex powers before I risk someone discovering us. Then I find out his biggest secret…

Publication date 13 July 2020

My Review……

Ok, the title sounds ok, forgive the cheesy description, it’s actually really good. 

Graven is or was human, years ago he was experimented on. He maybe bigger and stronger than most humans, but he has no sensation in his body. He can’t feel pleasure or pain, he can’t feel the clothes on his back or the caress of a hand! 
And because he was experimented on at an early age, he never got to experience love or lust. In fact his biggest regret is never getting laid!! 
He watches Niva daily, watches how she lovingly gives herself to both male and females. He’s in awe of her, he thinks of her as a goddess. 

Niva is what we’d probably call a sex therapist, but she uses her body instead of words. 
Group sex and public sex are the norm on her home planet Fellamana. In fact monogamy isn’t the done thing, it’s not exactly frowned on, but why stick to one person when you can have as navy as you like. 
The planet produces an amorous gas that when absorbed into your body, you lose your inhibitions. So an antidote is needed to counteract the planets atmosphere. 

Being forbidden to interact with the humans visiting her planet (you can blame her cousin Koviye, for that ban) “Stolen Desire” Niva can only mourn the loss at getting to know the gentle giant who watches her from afar. 
But fate takes a hand and gives her an opportunity to be with this gentle giant. 

I have to admit, it’s pretty good. There is a fair amount of foreplay/sex 
But the interaction between Niva and Graven was so sweet. He’s totally besotted with her, is it because he’s a virgin? Maybe, but the more they find out about each other, the more they connect. 

But it can only be for three days, after that Niva can never see Graven again. As it is, if they are found together then it could be a prison sentence or death! 

So what happens after three days? Will they be able to part? 

It’s a fun read, it’s a quick read. And I don’t think you’ll need to read previous books. 


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

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