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Book Review …..Wyatt Drake (Aurum Court Dragons) book 2 by Emilia Hartley 👩🏻‍💻

Wyatt Drake (Aurum Court Dragons) book 2 by Emilia Hartley 


Wyatt Drake has just broken up with his long-time girlfriend, a woman he’d expected to marry, and a relationship is the last thing he wants. But his dragon is sniffing around a tourist in his hometown—a tourist who discovers more about him in days than his girlfriend did in years—and who seems to like him despite all that, or maybe even because of it. Still, Wyatt isn’t sure he’s ready for another relationship. He doesn’t want a one-night-stand or a short-term rebound girl. He’s looking for commitment. And what kind of stability can he get from a travelling food-blogger he just met?

Aurum Court Dragons by Emilia Hartley 

Book 1 Ashton Drake

Book 2 Wyatt Drake

Book 3 Ryker Drake

Book 4 Griffin Drake

Book 5 Jasper Drake 

My Review…… 

Wyatt is back on Drake mountain, reeling from being dumped by his girlfriend, so the last thing he’s looking for is a replacement, but his dragon has other ideas. His dragon has a cute out of towner in its sights…..

Kennedy only wants to move from place to place, she doesn’t need roots, she’s living her life and loving her job, but meeting Wyatt and his crazy family have her in a spin. Maybe she just hasn’t found that one place to settle, could Grove and Drake mountain be the place she’s always been looking for or is it Wyatt she wants to call home? 

Book 2 sees us catching up with Wyatt. He’s cousin to both Ashton and Jasper the king. He didn’t really want to come home, but being summoned back to court by both Ashton and Griffin (another cousin) he doesn’t have much of a choice, he’s also nursing a broken heart, being dumped by the woman he had hoped to marry as him sworn off women, so why does he feel the need to protect a woman in the diner? Sure she’s cute, but he’s not suppose to be interested, but his dragon half has other ideas…… 

Kennedy is a food blogger, travelling from town to town, relaying her trip and pictures to her online followers.  The moment she sets foot in Grove, she feels a connection, she’s honestly thinking about finding a place, at first it’s just a feeling, but as time goes by, she sees herself settling down…..  Being watched in the diner isn’t unusual for Kennedy, she takes pictures of sights and plates of awesome food. But the man watching her gives her the creeps, it’s not until another man steps in and rescues her.

Wyatt and Kennedy have an almost instant attraction to one another, but neither will admit it.  Wyatt has a secret, it’s not a family secret, the whole town knows, but outsiders are privy to it. 

And when a face from the past resurfaces, what will it mean for Wyatt and Kennedy. 


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