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Book Review…. Griffin Drake (Aurum Court Dragons) book 4 by Emilia Hartley 👩🏻‍💻

Griffin Drake (Aurum Court Dragons) book 4 by Emilia Hartley 


Griffin Drake always gets left behind. While his cousins leave Grove to have adventures, he’s stuck babysitting his increasingly distant and crazy cousin, Jasper, the king of the mountain. When his cousins come home to help, they all find mates, one after another. Griffin is left alone, without even a way to meet a mate. He’s always been bad at talking to women.

Then he meets Lilah, who is down on her luck and easy to talk to. He offers her a job as his pretend girlfriend, so he won’t have to live through another family get-together as the only un-paired dragon.

Suddenly, he’s not behind at all. Lilah moves in, gets along with his family, and lights up his life. He was sure the universe had forgotten about a mate for him, but now he knows Lilah is the one. All he has to do is convince her it’s not all make-believe.

Aurum Court Dragons by Emilia Hartley 

Book 1 Ashton Drake Book 2 Wyatt Drake Book 3 Ryker Drake Book 4 Griffin Drake Book 5 Jasper Drake 

My Review….. 

Griffin hated being left behind, he was left to look after his cousin, whilst everyone left Grove and got on with their lives, and now his cousins are back, he should be happy but he’s not….. Not only are they back, but they have all found their mates. It’s just not fair, no wonder he’s a grumpy recluse!!  He’s sick of looking after his cousin, he might be king of their mountain, but to Griffin he’s a pain in his butt!!

Lilah’s life feels like one large curse….. It’s a family curse that has dogged their families lives for generations.  And the promise she made to her dying mother feels like a millstone around her neck, her sister does nothing but take, take, take!!!  She’s just lost her job, she’s about to be evicted, and her sister just ran off with the last of her money….Will she ever catch a break? 

So what does it take for Griffin’s family to stop looking at him like a charity case? A girlfriend would be a start…… 

Meeting Lilah was great, blowing his chances of a second date seems imminent, who would offer a girl money to date him? But Lilah is desperate, so she accepts.  What happens next is a roller coaster of a ride! 

I really liked this one, I’ve wanted to find out about Griffin from book one. He was raised in the gold dragon household, Jasper and Griffin were raised as brothers after Griffin lost his mother. His father became unstable so it was agreed he’d move in. But reading this book you get more of an insight into their relationship. Griffin really does care for Jasper, but it’s getting wearing, always on call, always the one to put out the fires and wrestle the dragon. Night after night, and what’s more jasper’s dragon is getting clever, it anticipates moves and is almost evading capture. The fights are getting tougher.  You had to feel sorry for poor Lilah, nothing goes right for her, the family curse had definitely got a firm grip on her. Losing her job, getting behind on the rent, so now she’s getting evicted, and her lovely sister has run off with the last of her money (her sister has all these money making schemes that never work)  So when a stranger in a bar offers her money to be his girlfriend, Lilah is shocked, but part of her wants to take him up on his offer! 

Moving in saves her from being evicted, but she had to remind herself that it’s not real. But boy does she want it to be real. 

And when she’s attacked by a rival dragon, Griffin is worried that all bets will be off, because for him, it stopped being a charade, both the dragon and Griffin want Lilah for keeps! 

And the ongoing war for Drake mountain is more than just land. Is it to do with Jasper’s mate?   


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