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Arc review….. Cry of the Wolves by Vonna Harper 

Cry of the Wolves by Vonna Harper

Release date …. 23/7/20


Two lonely strangers, a single hot night. And wolf spirits.

Sarah Hazelton needs a fresh start far from memories of her failed marriage. Jake Schneider will do what it takes to earn a living in the Oregon wilderness while helping his brother recover from a nearly fatal accident. Neither Sarah or Jake are ready for a relationship that goes beyond a single night of hot sex—but they aren’t in charge. A force beyond their comprehension is.
Brought together by a mountain snowstorm and their smashed cars, two loners are fated to spend a night in each other’s arms. In the same bed. Once the remote cabin door closes behind them, need takes over. They will share their bodies, nothing else. But the nearby dark wolves have their own agenda. Denying the beasts’ presence is impossible. Understanding what they demand may mean the difference between life and death.
My Review…… 
A short intense story. 
I did feel a little confused, they did, then they didn’t …… 
The premise had a lot of potential, both characters were solid.  It did feel rushed, but because it was a novella that’s probably why. 
Sarah was moving for a new job, she felt like a change was for the best, after a divorce, but didn’t really want to leave the town she’s grown to love. 
Jake has had logging in his blood for a few generations now, but after an accident almost took his brother, he had railed again nature and all it stood for. 
A storm brings them together, mystical wolf forms push them into admitting what they want. 
Would they have met if not for the storm? Who knows, but if the feelings they both have after one night together, then maybe fate would have brought them together. 
I liked the idea that Sarah could run the B&B they were forced to stay in. It has the potential for a series. Hope Jake’s brother gets a story.  And who knows, maybe one day this short story will get made into a longer one. 
About the Author Vonna Harper has written dozens of erotica and erotic romance from spanking to shape-shifting, from primitive tribes to science fiction. Many of those books revolve around capture and or submissive themes. Freud, if he hadn’t been so hung up on his belief that only damaged people fantasize, might have tried to understand dom/submissive dynamics. Looks like he left that up to Vonna and other like-minded writers.   
Read more at Vonna Harper’s site.

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