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Book Review…. EAGLE (Shifter Kings L.A.) By Holly Gunn 👩🏻‍💻

EAGLE (Shifter Kings L.A.) By Holly Gunn & T. Birmingham


He’s prideful, rich, and next in line to be king of the eagles.
She’s an eensy bit prejudiced, and a lot rock and roll.
What these two City of Angels’ supernaturals are about to discover is that there is so much more to a person than what meets the eye.

Eagle Fitzwilliam Ambustus is controlled, precise, and direct. He doesn’t have the time nor the emotional wherewithal to be anything other than who he is. Others think him cold and unfeeling, but that’s just the surface. Beneath his suits, he is so much more.

Elizabeth Argueta is a free spirit. She’s a rock and roll, go-with-my-flow drummer on a mission to live life to the beat of her own drum. And most importantly, she’s got a view of the world that sets her firmly apart from the rich and the clingy of the L.A. scene.

When these two meet, it might be sparks-at-first-sight, but they’ll have to get over their pride and their prejudice to not only overcome those trying to keep them apart but also to understand and come to love each other … just as they are.

Note: The first book in the Shifter Kings L.A. series is short, sassy, sexy, shift-tastic, and a whole lot of rock and roll … with a little Pride and Prejudice thrown in.

Publication date 2/1/20

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My Review…. 
“Now every thirty years, a new ruling cycle starts. 
And every thirty years, before that ruling cycle starts, the marks of those set to be king go dark and they have thirty days to find the woman with a crown-shaped mark destined to be their queen. 
Thirty kings. Thirty tribes. Thirty futures determined by a faded tattoo at birth that goes dark somewhere around our thirtieth year.”
That was such a refreshing read. 
Eagle is rigid, everything in his world is ordered, nothing out of place.  Manages a band (I was surprised, thought him more of a tall office building millionaire) just waiting till it’s his turn to rule. He’s going to do things different. 

“But Father is still king.  And it is not yet my turn to rule.  So, I bide my time … I submit.  And I train my eyes on the cold tiles of black and white as the first lash of leather and sharp metal strip through the flesh of my back.”  Excerpt from Eagle. 

Iz, Izzy, (Elizabeth to other people not family) beats out a rhythm on whatever is to hand.  She’s a Dabbler witch, she suppresses it for most of the time.  A free spirt with a wicked sense of humour. 
The hierarchy of L.A is fascinating especially the witches ….. The Queens are at the top, then their families, then the elements (air, water) Judges, charisma, siphons, scholars, and then the lowest Dabblers, they are the witches that can do it all, but not well. 
I love Elizabeth, such a free spirit, nothing much gets her down. She comes from a loving family, has a close knit of friends, and gets to jam with friends, what’s not to love? Her look on life “the haves” these are people who are poor, but they are rich in love, family and (have a rich life) “the have-nots” these are the rich, they only have artificial friends and empty lives, and the “clingers” these are the people who cling to the rich!! 
“I’m not willing to bend to anyone’s will. Fuck that.  I’m not poor. And last, I don’t care about being rich.  I have a place with my girls. I have food on the table.  I have a job I love.  I have it all.”  Excerpt from Eagle. 
I took a while to warm up to Eagle, his past was littered with brutal beatings and vicious put downs. His father the king was literally a beast!! So I could see why he was so rigid. I was surprised he was friends with the band he manages (I thought he’d be too uptight for musicians) his wanting to bring his family and people up to date, but in a kinder way had me smiling. He’s totally opposite of his tyrant of a father/king. 
They first meet in the street, she’s playing with friends (bongo drums) they see each other, both swear there is a connection, but neither go for it. 
We also have the never ending debate on wether shifters should come out to the world. Eagle is a firm believer that they should stay hidden. I’m sure it’s going to be an ongoing debate. 
It’s well written, flows at a steady pace. I love the formal way Eagle talks, the intense emotions that both pull from each other. Your hoping that Eagle gets his Queen 
I have a inkling it’s a spin off from the previous series (Shifter Kings Nashville) I don’t think it’s going to matter if you haven’t read the previous series. 
But I’m interested now, I might have to go back and read 😉
Short story but packed with lots going on. 

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