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Book Review…. GRIZZ (Shifter Kings L.A. Book 2) by Holly Gunn 👩🏻‍💻

GRIZZ (Shifter Kings L.A. Book 2) by Holly Gunn & T. Birmingham


A grizzly who’s out to find a perfect queen. A shy tabloid writer with a dark secret. Throw in a meddling ghost, a town full of bear shifters, and a vacation in a gothic mansion and what could go wrong?

Grizzwold Rochester Ambustus is a rock god (or on his way to becoming one)—and the future king of the Grizzly tribe. He’s also world-weary and determined to find a queen who is as angelic and pure as can be.

Esly Ryan is a witch—she’s just not a good one. Good thing this shy bookworm has a day job that keeps her in shifter romances and puts a roof over her head. While Esly may spend her days spinning tales of happily ever after, her own HEA doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

She’s got a secret.

One so dark that, when she finally meets the king she’s waited her whole life for, it might remind him that she’s not the angel he seeks. She’s the madness he despises.

Note: The second book in the Shifter Kings L.A. series is not short, but it is sweet, sassy, sexy, shift-tastic, and a whole lot of Rock ‘n’ Roll … with a little Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester thrown in.

Publication date 10/3/20

My Review….. 
Met Grizz in “Eagle” (book 1) a singer in a band, managed by his “brother” Eagle. He does cover versions of other people’s songs. But he has a secret, he writes his own stuff (but finds it too personal to publish) he’s happy where he is, he gets to be who he wants, and in thirty days time, he’ll become King of the Grizzly bears. 
 But fuck all if I was going to take it lying down.  I was a master of my fate.  I was the creator of my destiny.  And when it got down to it, I was going to find an angel just like the woman who once took me in, even if my anxiety and my worry that I couldn’t protect her, or keep her, plagued me for the rest of my life.”Excerpt from Grizz 
Esly is a cousin to Elizabeth, (who was heroine in book 1) she loves to read, she loves her books. A romantic at heart, but will that transfer it’s self to writing a book? No it won’t, she can write her blog with no problem, an article for the paper she works at, not an issue, but the artist in her that needs to write a love story has so far evaded her! 
“I can’t deal.  I’m weak.  But I try to make up for that weakness by being the sunshine to those around me, the opposite of my pre-adoptive angry self.  I tell stories of love.  I strive for positivity in all things.  I don’t accept negativity or loss.  I’m persistent but kind.” Excerpt from Grizz

He’s been having dreams for the last five years of a ghost called Jane. One week a year, but each year it becomes more and more intense. He is convinced if he can find out about the ghost, he can find the real person after Jane told him she’s a witch and she can astral project.  He is convinced he is in love with her he wants to make her his queen. But he can’t live with a ghost, he needs to find a living person.  But how in the hell can you find her when he doesn’t know who she is?

Her whole life she feels something is missing, she’s got a mental block, something in her past was terrible, so it’s been blocked, but she know something happened. And the scary thing…. she loses time! Sometimes it’s an hour, and sometimes it can last a whole day! Where she goes and what she does Elsy has no idea, but her vault at home holds all those secrets!! 

I liked the first book in this series “Eagle” but I loved this one.  Elsy is two sided, although she thinks herself as a dark person and tries her hardest to be light, I see her as light.  Yes she has a secret, yes she tries to keep her family happy, but she has a hidden strength.  Does she find out who she really is? Will she find out why she loses time? You’ll need to read to find out.  Grizz is my favourite character, he knows his potential, he’s just scared to put it out there. Being adopted into the eagle clan, he gained a family, but with physical and mental abuse from the eagle king, it made him turn in on himself.  Loved the idea of falling for a ghost, and had a laugh out moment when they meet in the flesh!  Superbly written, told from both points of view, the author gets the angst and passion across really well.  Like the idea of knowing you’ve got only thirty days once your tattoo darkens you finding your Queen. The faded marks on the female is good, most supernaturals know what the mark stands for, but in Elsy’s case she thinks it’s just a birthmark. 
Can’t wait to read the next book “Heavy”, and hoping note books are in the pipeline. 
Highly recommend this book. 

*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

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