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Book Review… Blind Lust: A Forbidden Romance (Aphrodisia Book 1) by Pandora Kendell 👩🏻‍💻

Blind Lust: A Forbidden Romance (Aphrodisia Book 1) by Pandora Kendell 


Sometimes, without realising, a line is crossed and you must accept that you’re so far behind it that there is no going back.

If green eyes and super good looks turned the heads of even the least interested woman, then perhaps a career as a therapist with a speciality in the ultimate intimacies was always going to push boundaries.

Dr Owen Baxter:

They pulled me away moments before the explosion and in those few moments my world changed forever

She had this confidence to cut through all the nonsense getting right to the meat of the matter.  Her whispering French voice had captured my attention and I’d fallen victim.  It was hard to deny how easily she could play the pied piper

I hope I’m not going to regret this but I’m going to let down my guard and put myself in your capable hands.  I’m tired of sitting on the side-lines.


I caught sight of you from across the room. You looked like a deer in the headlights and I had this knee-jerk reaction to rescue you.

You look completely bored out of your mind.  We don’t know each other yet, but I think we can do better than this place.  Why don’t we skip the rest of this and find something better to do with our time. A man that is completely honest and open is hard to find. 

There is a sanctuary for therapists to confide but it’s by invitation only and if life is to move forward, Chicago native, Dr. Owen Baxter needs to move beyond his lost love, his lack of vision and lays bare the secret he’s been guarding so well; Frankie!

A stand-alone novella full of unrestrained passion.  An Alpha male who unknowingly needs an Alpha woman and which Frankie will deliver with drama, twists and an HEA.  

No cheating or cliff-hangers here! *

Publication date 7/8/2020

Dr. Baxter Owens has been blind for the past 10 years only able to see shapes and figures. It was an accident concerning a chemical spill which unfortunately affected his sight and killed his fiancée. He has learned to rely on his other senses, but he’s not prepared for Francesca AKA Frankie. She’s not what she appears to be and his recollection of the events is shared under a doctor and patient confidentiality. He is a sex addiction therapist, but he has no idea what kind of effect he has on his female patients. His boyish good looks make him look younger than his actual 36 years. There is a sanctuary for therapists to talk openly about their problems, but it’s by invitation only. He’s able to unload the burden in a safe environment where he doesn’t feel judged. What happens when he tells the story of forbidden love? prologue to Blind lust”

My Review…..

Ten years on, and Baxter still misses the love of his life. 

The accident that took her from him, also took his sight, he was also left with burns to his hands. 

But that’s not stopped him from becoming a good therapist, as sex therapist no less! He’s cold and clinical, he doesn’t mix business with pleasure, so no sleeping with patients! But he’s logical and practical, and that’s why his patients like him. 

He’s also ready to start dating, but doesn’t really want to start at the beginning, I get the impression he’d like to skip all that, and just be comfy with someone, get to where he was with his fiancée, without all the hassle! 

So basically it’s Doctor Baxter Owen recounting a personal experience to another doctor in confidence. A monthly meeting to help one another, to give guidance if needed, but it felt more like to two friends chatting. 

I have to admit, I didn’t really enjoy it. Most of the characters felt wooden, the scenes felt stilted. 

We meet a few characters, and you have to wonder if more books will come out of it?

Baxter came off as rude and pretty standoffish and how he couldn’t tell Frankie from Francesca I don’t know! (But there is a twist)

But I liked how the author put you in Baxter’s shoes, the descriptions were really good. He’s can see shapes, but nothing defined. So it’s all described for you. 

So when he finds out Frankie is in fact Francesca what will he do? I could tell you, but I won’t 😉


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