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Kindle Review…. Sons of Sangue Book 2 by Patricia A. Rasey 👩🏻‍💻

Sons of Sangue Book 2 by Patricia A. Rasey

Description ……

The Sons of Sangue are part of a sacred brotherhood. But not even their vampire code can compete with temptation and seduction…

Kaleb “Hawk” Tepes, as president of the Sons of Sangue vampire MC and descendant of Vlad III, needs to keep his head focused on club business. Trouble is someone wants to divest him of his position for a crime he committed against his vampire predecessors. He can’t afford distractions, especially those that come in the form of a five-foot-two sprite named Suzi, who once belonged to his nephew. In a moment of weakness, Hawk makes a snap decision that can only spell trouble. Now faced with the one person who wants him dead, he must make the ultimate sacrifice or chance losing forever the only woman he truly desires.

Suzi Stevens has tried hard to put her past behind her and move forward. The one man she yearns for over all others believes her to be nothing but cold-hearted. Hearing that someone has tried to behead him, she shelves past prejudices and rushes to his side, needing to see for herself that he’s all right. What she doesn’t count on is Hawk’s demand to take her as his personal blood donor. Now forced to endure his company, she fears losing her heart for all eternity to the one person who has the power to crush her.

SONS OF SANGUE – A Vampire MC Series

Book 1: VIPER

Book 2: HAWK

Book 3: GYPSY

Book 4: ROGUE

Book 4.5: DRAVEN

Special Edition: PREACHER

Book 5: XANDER

Book 6: RYDER

Book 7: WOLF

Book 8: VLAD

My Review…..

Kaleb “Hawk” Tepes is now president of the Sons of Sangue. His twin brother Kane lost his seat after turning a human without permission and killing a primordial (that’s an elder vampire.)

It’s a seat he didn’t really want, but now he has it he’s going to make sure he keeps it!!

Suzi is a blood donor in the club that the bikers hang out in.

Suzi knows all about the vampires, she use to be the girlfriend of Kane’s son (but we find out later she was never really his girlfriend, just a cover for his other life)

She’s always had a soft spot for Kaleb, well actually she’s been in love with him for years, but after Ion died, Kane thought she was a heartless bitch, and wanted nothing to do with her….

Actually that’s not true, he wants her, at first it’s a hate/hate relationship. Then once Kane admits he likes her, he sees her in a different light, then all bets are off. She’s going to be his….

But we still have a vindictive vampire who wants Kaleb back as her mate (quick rundown) Kane was mated to the daughter of an elder, they had a son, she let the son die, Kane hates her guts, but she’s not letting him go, she thinks if she kills off Kane’s brother and new mate, he’ll come back to her!!)

She’s taking out members of the Sangue MC, Kaleb wants her head.

I liked this one, we still see the first couple in this book, we also get more background on all the characters.

Liked how Kaleb didn’t really want Suzi, but wasn’t willing to let anyone else take her blood. It took a while for him to believe Suzi had loved his nephew, but more like a brother. The slow sinking in of feelings was fun to watch, and then when he finally wants to make Suzi his, she’s wanting none of it. Watching him fight to get her back, to convince her that she’s it for him.

The secondary characters are all great, and I know most of them get their own books.

We also have the next book starting in this book. And that looks like fun.


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