Kindle Review… Vega Brothers : Julius (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch) book 1 by Kim Fox 👩🏻‍💻

Vega Brothers : Julius (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch) book 1 by Kim Fox


Julius Vega never wanted a mate. The four Vega brothers were all traumatized by their father’s experience with his mate and all vowed to be single forever. They have just returned from fighting overseas in the Shifter Special Forces to find out that their father has just died, and bad news turns worse when they find the will which states that all four brothers must get married and find mates within a year or they lose their beloved family ranch forever.

After polishing off a bottle of wine to wash down the pain killers for the root canal that she just had, Ava King is feeling a little loopy. She OD’s on some inspirational quotes on her Pinterest account and is feeling on top of the world. But when she wakes up her whole world comes crashing down. In the fog of her headache, she remembers that she left a message for her boss, quitting her job, sent a text to her deadbeat boyfriend, breaking up with him, and signed up to a mail order bride website in another state. So when she gets a call for a date, she has nothing to lose and drives the eleven hours from Seattle to Colwood, Montana.

Ava and Julius meet on the mail order bride website and quickly hit it off. But as they’re starting to fall in love the truth comes out and it rips them apart. Julius is in danger of losing the Vega Ranch but that’s nothing compared to the threat of losing his mate.

Vega Brothers : Julius

Vega Brothers : Khan

Vega Brothers : Alexander

Vega Brothers : Hannibal

Publication date 23/5/2016 *

My Review…..

Julius and his three brothers have come back from serving their country as a shifter unit. All they want is peace and to reconnect with their father.

But they are too late!! He died two days before they are due to arrive back in the ranch.

And if they thought it was going to end there, they are sadly mistaken.

Their father wants them all mated within a year!!

Being all confirmed bachelors, they think they can get around it….

But if they don’t marry, then they lose the ranch!!

Had to chuckle at poor Ava, she doesn’t have much luck, but her sunny disposition helps her through life.

Lost her job (rang and left a message, giving her notice) got rid of her boyfriend (thought he was probably cheating on her) and then added her details to a dating agency all whilst on pain relief and alcohol!

And now….. she’s off to Montana to meet a blind date.

Julius is a total player. A love ‘em and leave ‘em type. Doesn’t take much seriously, but when his father dies and is told the ranch will go to the state if they don’t marry, he has to be serious. But marry! Julius can’t think of anything worse! Staying married to one woman, but he’ll do it to save the ranch, there is always divorce after the ranch is signed over to the brothers.

Signing up to a dating agency seems the only course of action. Seeing the face of a beautiful woman staring back at him Julius wants that one, and only that one.

Has he met his match? Or is he only dating Ava to make sure they keep the ranch?

The pair hit it off really well, too well in fact, Julius is all for proposing to Ava.

Ava in the other hand is wary, and she had a right to be. And after Alexander shows her evidence that his brother is only after her to secure the family ranch, she’s devastated!

So will she be able to forgive Julius? Or will he have lost his mate forever?

A short fun story that introduces you to the brothers and their adventures at finding mates.


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