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Kindle Review…. Vega Brothers : Khan (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch) book 2 by Kim Fox ๐Ÿ“ฑ

Vega Brothers : Khan (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch) book 2 by Kim Fox


Kodiak bear shifter, Khan Vega, is being forced to take on a mate and get married. He has lots of options but there’s only one true option for him: a curvy woman from his past that he just can’t let go of. It’s too bad that she wants nothing to do with him.

BBW, Bailey Lewis, hasn’t spoken to her ex in five years since the day he just vanished from her life without a word of explanation. He had left her with more than just a broken heart, though, he had left her with a little cub growing in her stomach.

When the two former lovers get thrust back into each other’s lives will Bailey be able to reveal the stunning secret that she’s been hiding for five years? And with a larger threat looming over Vega Ranch will Khan and Bailey ever get the happily ever after they desperately want?

Vega Brothers : Julius

Vega Brothers : Khan

Vega Brothers : Alexander

Vega Brothers : Hannibal

Publication date 29/5/2016 *

My Review…..

Ghengis or โ€œKhanโ€ to family and close friends is suppose to be looking for a mate to marry!

Well thatโ€™s what it says in his fathers will, if they donโ€™t ALL marry in one year, then the ranch will be given to the state!! And as itโ€™s been in the Vega family for over four generations, none of the four brothers want that.

So….. Khan is suppose to be looking for an internet bride, but the only woman for him probably wonโ€™t even see him, let alone marry him. But his bear wants no other! Whatโ€™s a shifter to do?

Bailey had loved Khan, then he went and left town and her without a word!

She knows heโ€™s back, but with the secret sheโ€™s withheld from him, she canโ€™t see how they could ever have a friendship let alone a relationship!

But more pressing is the news that someone wants the shifters for more than ranchers! They want recruits to fight a war!

Bailey is a great character, sensible, dependable and a good person. She knew Khan was a shifter, but to her that didnโ€™t matter. She thought theyโ€™d be together forever. She didnโ€™t know Khan left town to keep her safe from his commanding officer in the shifter division of the army. She thought heโ€™d had his fun and then went away. So trusting Khan is going to be hard!

Khan on the other hand, was just waiting for a smack around the head! He knew she was his mate, he knew he loved her, and yes he did the right thing by leaving to protect her, but I feel he could have let her know where he was going.

And when Khan finds out Baileyโ€™s secret, will he or can he ever forgive her?

Liked this one better than the first. Had a bit more plot to the story.

Still felt it had a little more to give. But being a short story, I suppose we have to pack it all in!


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