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Kindle Review… The Dragon’s Reluctant Sacrifice: a Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons Book 1) by Ines Johnson 👩🏻‍💻

The Dragon’s Reluctant Sacrifice: a Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons Book 1) by Ines Johnson 


Diagnosed with an incurable disease, she thought her life was over. When she is sacrificed to a dragon, she learns it has only just begun…

The day Chrysanthemum Jones goes to exact revenge on the man responsible for her sister’s death is the day she knows will be her last. Instead, she finds herself stolen away to another dimension and sacrificed to a real live dragon. Rather than a cave full of gold, this dragon’s lair is a throwback to the 1980’s complete with pixelated video games, unwound VHS tapes, and animal print spandex. And the mythical creature in question is totally more sex on a stick than Smaug. Schweet!

As one of the last dragon shifters beyond the Veil, Corun is desperate to control the beast inside of him. The only thing guaranteed to keep the dragon under control is the surrender of a human female. But sacrificial offerings have been in short supply since his realm was cut off from Earth -something or other about women’s liberation? So when a sacrifice turns up on his doorstep, Corun should be elated. But as totally tubular as Chryssie’s curves are, her health is fragile and he fears she wouldn’t survive the claiming that would soothe his beast.

Death has never bothered Chryssie. With an incurable, hereditary disease, she’s been prepared to die her whole life. Now she has a chance to lose her V card and birth dragon babies before she goes? Talk about bad ass exits. Count her in! She just needs to get her sexy dragon shifter on board and in bed.

As Corun becomes more attached to his sassy little human, his beast roars that Chryssie is his and pushes to claim her. If he doesn’t claim her and soothe the beast inside of him, he will become stuck in dragon form for the rest of his life. However, if he does claim her, the birth of his offspring could be the last day of her life.

Liking this new world of grumpy dragons, it’s also full of Fae, Valkyrie, bears and other shifters.

Can’t wait to read what’s next.

Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons) 

Book 1 The Dragon’s Reluctant Sacrifice

Book 2 The Dragon’s Ambivalent Sacrifice 

Book 3 The Dragon’s Willing Sacrifice 

Publication date 17/9/2017
My Review…… 
Chrysanthemum/Chryssie is a dead girl walking, she has been since the day she was born, a hereditary disease was stealing her young life away. 
But first she needs to make the doctor who took her sisters life go first. He killed her and sold body parts on the black market. She will have her revenge or die trying….
Corun is tired of struggling with his dragon. Having sex with fairies and fae worked for a while, but no longer, and he won’t rely on a female to restrain his dragon, science will help his brothers and himself to contain their dragons. 
I get the impression Corun is a scientist, trying to concoct a mixture to keep his beast in check. But more potions than an antidote. 
This story is different, dragons are the dominant species and they have a human inside. If the beast gets its way, then the human stays trapped inside forever, the solution is to Mate with a human female, that contains the dragon, the males can still transform into a dragon, but it’s not always trying to get out. 
There is a mating process  but the birth of baby dragons kills the females. 
The Veil keeps the dragons hidden but trapped, and they seemed to be stuck in the 80’s. 
Long ago the dragons had their pick of sacrifices, the humans sent them as offerings. But Valkyrie stopped them, so now no females….
This story had me chuckling, stuck in the 80’s with nothing to do but play Mario and solve Rubik’s cubes. 
Meeting Chryssie brings it all to a head for Corun, he won’t mate her, he feels something for her, but won’t have dragon babies with her, even if the female is willing! 
Chryssie made me chuckle, her life has been given back to her, so shouldn’t it be her choice if she wants to die in childbirth? Not according to her sexy dragon man it’s not! 
Well it looks like Chryssie is going to have to seduce her dragon. Well the man anyway, the dragon is all onboard for a mate. 

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