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Arc Review… The Dragon’s Ambivalent Sacrifice: a Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons Book 2) by Ines Johnson 👩🏻‍💻

The Dragon’s Ambivalent Sacrifice: a Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons Book 2) by Ines Johnson 


After years of abuse, she believed she was worth nothing. But when she is sacrificed to a dragon she becomes his treasure…

Born of violence, Beryl is the biggest and brawniest of his dragon shifter brothers. His beast loves a good fight and has been nicknamed The Hulk after his heroes; Incredible and Hogan. When his last fight gets out of control and his dragon nearly kills another shifter, he knows the only thing that will wrangle the beast is a female sacrifice. However, when the human he’s destined to mate with arrives, she’s small and meek and cringes from his touch.

With a prostitute as a mother and a pimp as a boyfriend, Poppy is all too familiar with the violent tendencies of the opposite sex. The unsightly spots on her skin make her unsuitable for work on the streets. Her lack of skills in the kitchen disqualify her as a domestic goddess. So when she is sacrificed to a fire breathing dragon, she’s certain it’s as a late night snack. Though the hulking man’s gentle touch awakens a desire she’s never felt before, his brutish ways aggravate the wounds she keeps hidden.

Beryl realizes he can’t continue to brawl and earn his timid mate’s trust. He’s willing to be patient, but with each day she isn’t claimed, his beast gets worse and other shifters become more of a threat. To accept Beryl’s claim, Poppy will need to overcome her past and learn to love herself, something she’s not sure she could ever do -even for the gentle giant she’s falling for. 

The Last Dragons Series

Book 1 The Dragon’s Reluctant Sacrifice

Book 2 The Dragon’s Ambivalent Sacrifice 

Book 3 The Dragon’s Willing Sacrifice

Publication date 2019 *

My Review…. 
Beryl is the eldest brother to a set of triplets, the biggest, the baddest the best (well in Beryl’s opinion anyway) 
He’s a fighter, a wrestler, bodybuilder, the quickest at mining for precious stones, and an awesome games player (again his opinion) he’s a total big head and bully in my eyes. He’s picks on his younger brother and will fight anyone over anything! 
But reading further into the book, we see a side many don’t, the dragon and man want a treasure to protect and love (what’s the use of these muscles if nothing to protect) and to be loved in return. 
Poppy isn’t loved, or protected. After her mother died, there is only Bruce! A bully, a letch and a total pig! If he’s not beating her, then it’s just using her body for his own pleasure! 
Her appearance can’t even get her working on her back (she has marks all over her, a little like leprosy!)  Maybe the next beating will kill her! Here’s hoping! 
The Veil is technically a wall or shield protecting The Garden of Eden! God is actually a goddess and likes to tinker with her creations! That’s how this dimension came about. To protect the species that are behind it. 
Halflings (part dragon part human) women who will die before they are twenty are the key to having a mate, their ailments are what makes them different (so in fact Poppy doesn’t have leprosy but in fact scales!) 
I’ll have to admit, I didn’t want Beryl to get a mate, well maybe, but not yet. I didn’t think he deserved one, he’s a bully, he thinks because he has muscles he’s entitled to everything. But having Poppy as his mate might actually be a good thing, he will have to temper his rage, use his brain instead of his brawn, and think of someone else for a change. 
Poppy was definitely a victim of abuse, you feel so sorry for her. 
But she’s not completely down for the count, she might not have defended herself when her boyfriend hit her, but when she finds evidence he’s abused a child, all bets are off! 
Being rescued by the Valkyrie and brought through the veil was the best thing for Poppy. Having someone fight in her corner and care about her makes her nervous, she knows it could all come crashing down around her. So Beryl is going to have to take it slow with his treasure. It doesn’t help that he has to fight his younger brother for her, or lions try to take her from him! 
Watching beauty tame her beast was really good. 
Need to read more brothers getting their “treasures”
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