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Kindle Review…. The Dragon’s Willing Sacrifice: a Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons Book 3) By Ines Johnson 📱

The Dragon’s Willing Sacrifice: a Dragon Shifter Romance (The Last Dragons Book 3) By Ines Johnson 


Sacrificed to a dragon as a teen, she was coddled for years. But when her dragon shifter fails to notice she’s all grown up and willing, she may just have to claim him herself.

Since she was dropped on his doorstep, Cardi has had the hots for Kimber. Despite prancing around him in her off-the-shoulder shirts that showcase her bare midriff and her assortment of tight skorts that showcase her shapely thighs, he doesn’t take much notice of her. Kimber may have marked her as his, but he has yet to claim her by bopping her brains out. Cardi’s done waiting. Now she’s sure it’s time to resort to drastic measures.

Kimber has his hands full with the upcoming Accords which aims to bring shifters to a peaceful agreement to get the Valkyrie to lift the ban of sacrifices coming into the Veil. The trouble is, his own sacrifice continues to act like a child and demand his attention at every turn. When grounding Cardi doesn’t work, she drops a bombshell by dumping Kimber. It seems like a perfect solution as the peace and quiet settles in… but then Kimber comes to understand that being dumped means she’s going to date other shifters.

Their break up puts the Accords in jeopardy when Kimber has to abide by the new rules; rules that say a sacrifice makes her own choice of mate. With Cardi now a free agent, Kimber isn’t so sure she’ll choose him in the end. If he can’t win her back, and he resorts to ripping out the throats of the shifters sniffing around her, the fragile peace he’s cobbled together will turn to chaos.

Dragon Shifter Romance: The Last Dragons by Ines Johnson 

Book 1 The Dragon’s Reluctant Sacrifice

Book 2 The Dragon’s Ambivalent Sacrifice 

Book 3 The Dragon’s Willing Sacrifice *

Publication date 26/11/2019

My Review…..

Kimber is the eldest dragon in their Clan. His twin Corun (MC in Book 1) is mated. But he has no plans ever to mate, why would he? It would mean the death of his sacrifice or mate, and as that’s what happened to his mother and all mothers before his did, he’s not willing to risk it, or her….. 

Cardinal “Cardi” has been around dragons FOREVER! She’s grown up with them, beaten them at PlayStation games, and generally been a nuisance! But it’s all been done out of love, she loves them like brothers, well all except one….. 

We’ve read their trials and tribulations in the last two books. (You don’t need to read them to understand, but it gives you a better picture of their relationship) 

I liked how the book starts with the arrival of Cardi to their valley, it does explain a few things. She was pretty feisty and not at all afraid of the dragons. 

I did chuckle at this book. 

I also wanted to put Cardi in a timeout! And I could totally agree with Kimber, she was extremely childish, but if you treat someone like a child, then they are going to behave like one, yes? 

Luckily enough we spend time building the story and the ongoing story of building up relationships with the other shifters. 

Dragons are trying to negotiate with the Valkyrie, if enough metals and jewels are mined, would the Valkyrie bring women through the Veil? And once there the females would have a choice of males to choose from. 

The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was Cardi ALWAYS going on about Madonna and the 80’s!! It came across as very childish and monotonous (I know the Veil slows time down, and Cardi was taken in the 80’s as a teen) but to live her life as a movie or song title, got a little wearing after a while. 

Briefly….. a dragon ran off with a Valkyrie and lived happily ever after, but the Valkyrie aren’t suppose to want mates, so the whole valley where the shifters live was put behind a veil, a forcefield of sorts. That cut off the virgin sacrifices for the shifters (no females are born) so no more mates! 

Ok back to the story…..  Kimber sees Cardi as a petulant child, Cardinal sees Kimber as her one true love.  Kimber wants Cardi to act a little more responsible and adult like, but when she does, it doesn’t really go to plan!! He begins to see her as a woman, a potential mate, and that just won’t do! If she dies giving birth to his young, then that would destroy him. 

But seeing her with other shifters, especially a young lion shifter put Kimber in a quandary! Does he let her go and hope the lion makes her happy (nope not happy with that outcome!) or dies he suck it up and finally take what’s been on the table for a very long time. 

Hoping the rest of the brothers get a book each, and maybe a few of the shifters in the valley that we’ve met. 


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