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Kindle Review…. Call of the Wolves (Spirit Wolves Series) Book 2 by Vonna Harper 📱

Call of the Wolves (Spirit Wolves Series) Book 2 by Vonna Harper

Dark memories wait for Carlan Nashel and Brett Schneider in the unforgiving wilderness where Carlan’s beloved brother Skye lost his life in a tragic accident. She wants nothing to do with Brett whose presence painfully reminds her of what she lost, but she once loved this man. He used to be her everything, her body’s awakening. 

As if preordained, they find each other near where the accident took place. As a storm isolates them from the world, they have no choice but to face the past and what they lost. To acknowledge what went wrong and why, the shared sexual heat that still rages. What they don’t know but soon will is that they aren’t alone in this hard reckoning. This unwanted journey. 
Yes, they are the only humans here, but there is something else: a ghost and spirit wolves. 

Maybe they’ll survive. Maybe they won’t. 

Spirit Wolves Series:
Book 1 Cry of the Wolves 
Book 2 Call of the Wolves
Publication date 26/7/2020
My Review……
Carlan and Brett had known each other before. They were high school sweethearts, but life gets in the way, you grow up, you grow apart. 
And that’s what happened, but neither really forgot about each other…. 
Brett and his brother Jake, (he was the MC in Cry of the Wolves) run the logging company together. But since the accident that almost took his leg and his friends life, Brett just has had the joy from his job. He just wants to get on, back to work and back to his old life….. 
Carlan is looking after her parents, it’s a full time job now that her idiotic, selfish jerk of a brother died! No, that’s not fair, she loved him dearly, misses him immensely, but she can’t see past her anger at his abandonment of her and their parents…… 
After finding one another Carlan and Brett agree to go back to his trailer and talk! Being around Wolves and ghosts is enough to get most people talking to each other. Being trapped in a small trailer, isn’t the ideal solution, but it gets them talking, they hash out old hurts, past grievances and come to an uneasy truce. 
But the Wolves and ghosts have plans for Brett and Carlan, and neither will be leaving the trailer until the spirits are happy…… 
A short and intense book. Not really enough information or material, just a long intense passionate moment.
I liked it, I would have loved maybe a few more chapters. There was so much potential to expand and give us more explanations. Meeting the Wolves should have brought goosebumps up, it didn’t! The tender and intimate moments just didn’t come across that way. 

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