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Kindle Review… Dragon Mate’s Secret: Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls Book 2 by Serena Meadows 📱

Dragon Mate’s Secret: Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls Book 2 by Serena Meadows 


When the chemistry is too strong to ignore,

But the secrets are too big to hide…

Burning lust becomes bitter betrayal.

Michael knows that finding love is a pipedream. Following in the footsteps of the dragon-shifter ancestors who came before him, his job is to mate and continue his lineage—not waste time on distractions like romance.

Amy has one love in her life: teaching her students about King Arthur and the folklore of his court. But when her best friend Molly stops returning her calls, Amy leaves her reclusive life in New York and heads to Prospect Falls. 

Instead of finding her friend, however, she discovers Michael, a man rippling with muscle, charisma, and deeply hidden secrets.

Amy will do anything to find Molly, and Michael seems to be the only person with answers. 

The trouble is, Amy is starting to suspect that Michael is not the man he claims to be, and when the truth is finally revealed, no amount of chemistry will forgive his dark manipulation.

Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls 

Book 1 Dragon Savior: 

Book 2 Dragon Mate’s Secret:

Book 3 Dragon Hero:

Book 4 Dragon Destiny: 

Publication date 6/4/2020 *

My Review….

Michael is sheriff in Prospect Falls, he’s also friend to Adam (Dragon Savior) a guardian that protects Prospect Falls. It’s been a family tradition for many years. 

Amy is looking for best friend Molly (MC in Dragon Savior) they always keep in touch, and now she’s worried. 

Coming to Prospect seemed like the best idea. But Amy has had nothing but suspicious looks and warnings not to go into the mountains, something is going on, and Amy is going to find her friend and the secrets in this town…. 

Book two in this four book series sees us catching up with Michael, he’s happy Adam has found his mate, but it’s left him and the other guardians with extra work to do. 

He also needs to know what the college demonologist can do to help them, (yes the college and the whole town know about dragons) he’s also got to placate his mother!(She doesn’t like to be left alone for too long, she’s lonely since his father died) 

Now a stranger is asking about a missing friend! Is she talking about Molly? 

Coming face to face with Amy has Michael in a bit of a dilemma, he could help her look for her friend, or he could spend time with her and hopefully distract her. It’s not exactly a chore, she is kinda cute, but the longer she’s in town, the sooner she’ll work it all out! So he needs her going back to New York sooner rather than later…..

Amy knows the sheriff is hiding something, he keeps distracting her! At first she didn’t realise, then she begins to put two and two together, what does he know about her friend?

I liked both Amy and Michael, they made a really good team. And it was good that we got to see everyone from the first book. 

You don’t need to read them in order, but it does help. Not as much action as the first book, we spent most of the time chasing Molly. 

But I liked the idea that it’s all linked to King Arthur, mystical dragons and magic. 

So will Michael come clean to Amy? Will he tell her about her friend? And if he does will it ruin his chances with the woman who possibly could be his mate? 


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

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