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Arc Review….. Savage Lover: A Dark Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 3) by Sophie Lark 📱

Savage Lover: A Dark Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 3) by Sophie Lark 


There’s A Reason I Never Go To Parties…

I saw him in a cloud of smoke, like sin made flesh. Even bruised and battered, I’d never seen anything more beautiful…

Unless I hate myself, I should stay far away from Nero.

He’s a heartbreaker.

A mess-maker.

A walking disaster.

Here’s the problem: I’m in deep trouble with a dirty cop. The only person who can save me is Nero. We’re not friends. If he saw me drowning, he’d throw me an anchor.

But he’s the only chance I’ve got. 

He’s no hero, he’s a Savage Lover.

“Savage Lover” is the wild and reckless third act of the “Brutal Birthright” series. It’s a stand-alone bully Mafia Romance, complete with HEA and no cliffhangers. It contains blazing hot bedroom scenes for mature readers only!!!

Brutal Birthright Series 

Book 1 Brutal Prince 

Book 2 Stolen Heir 

Book 3 Savage Lover 

Publication date 16/9/2020 *

My review…… 

Nero is the reckless Gallo family member. He’s a ladies man, and he knows it, the Gallo looks, the bad boy image, Nero has cultivated that look, and it certainly pays off with the girls. 

Camille is a mechanic, she works with her father. Not exactly the life she wanted, but she likes cars, it’s the people she’s not impressed with. 

But picking her brother up from a party sends Camille’s life into a downward spiral. Covering up her brother’s stupidity seemed like the only course of action. She couldn’t let him go to prison, he’d never get a chance at living. 

But the police officer that pulls her over had no intention of sending her to prison. Oh no, he’s got plans for her……

These two probably never would have met if not for her brother throwing up and a cop and finding her brothers secret!

If it wasn’t for the bent cop terrorising and blackmailing Camille, she won’t have turned to the one man she shouldn’t have. 

Nero and Camille shouldn’t have fallen in love, from two different worlds. She’s hard working and he’s a gangster. 

I loved this story, the interaction between the families 

The intensity between the main characters in this book blew me away. 

I thought the chemistry between (Brutal Prince) and (Stolen Heir) was intense, this was so much more. 

The passion, the slow and ever growing love that blossomed between Nero and Camille. 

This book had me putting down my regular favourites and diving straight in. Ms Lark is becoming a go to author.  

I do have one complaint, it lacked a little something. 

It didn’t have the angst of Stolen Heir, and it didn’t have the enemies to loves vibe either! Yes Camille hated Nero, but it wasn’t the same type of fear and hate that Nessa had for her Russian beast! 

But what it did have was realisation of two people that were meant to be together. It had two people who were stronger together, that they complemented one another. 

I didn’t really like Nero at first, in fact I wasn’t too keen on Camille either! But as the story progresses we find out more on the characters, why they behave the way they do. 

You don’t need to read the other two books, but why deprive yourself. 

Another highly recommended book by this author. 

Now the most beautiful man in the world is looking at me with love and desire. And I realize it’s impossible that he could feel those things for me if I were truly undeserving. If Nero and I are a perfect match—and I feel certain that we are—then I’m his equal. His analog. It’s a strange realization to have, after all this time, but I finally believe it. I’m beautiful. I’m intelligent. I’m worthy of love. “What is it?” Nero asks me. I take a deep breath, my forehead pressed against his. I’m breathing in the scent of his skin, and his lips, just an inch away from mine. Taking in his breath—then giving it back to him again. “I’m really, completely happy,” I tell him. “So am I,” he says. “It’s weird, isn’t it?” I laugh. “Do you think that’s how other people feel all the time?”

“No,” he says, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me close. “I don’t think anyone has felt exactly like this.” He kisses me again, with those full lips that spark a thousand sensations everywhere they land. Excerpt from Savage Lover


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