Arc Review…. Stealing Candy: A Reverse Harem Romance by Krista Wolf πŸ“±

Stealing Candy: A Reverse Harem Romance by Krista Wolf 


Stuck working Sleepy Hollow’s Oktoberfest in upstate NY wasn’t much fun, until a trio of gorgeous blond vikings burst into my life. Sure they were wearing Halloween costumes, but why shouldn’t that just add to the fun?

Crisp autumn days. Cozy nights by the fire. Working the Halloween holiday season wasn’t all bad, until my friend left me house-sitting a strange cottage all alone, in a legendary old town.

Enter my three handsome saviors, ripped and gorgeous, all fighting to rescue me at once. But when an impromptu kissing contest evolves into something so hot it turns me into a molten puddle? My lips aren’t the only thing the guys are willing to share.

But Soren and Tristan harbor a secret of their own, and their hilarious college roommate Lucas is on board for anything. Running an old bed and breakfast on the far side of town, the guys need exactly the type of womanly help I’m willing to provide… provided they keep up their end of the bargain, which of course includes taking very good care of me.

Three incredible men. One very willing beer-maid. No rules, no limits, no jealousy – just tons of sizzling hot action peppered by so many twists and turns, not even the Headless Horseman could keep up!

STEALING CANDY is a full-length reverse harem romance filled with pumpkin-spiced lattes, candy apples, trick or treating, and tons of Halloween autumn-style goodness. If you like cozy new adult holiday romance and sizzling jaunts through the old cemetery at midnight? You just found your favorite new RH story. HEA Guaranteed!

Publication date 14/9/2020
My Review….. 
A reverse harem is a group of someone’s boyfriends and/or husbands in a polygamous household. A situation in which a woman is the love of three or more men.
Candy/Candace is working in a beer tent for the Oktoberfest, it’s not where Candace thought she’d be, Stacey and Candace were suppose to be house sitting, and with the money they were bound for adventures in the sun. But her friend Stacey fell in love and left to go travelling with her new love (a rude if you ask me!) leave Candace on her own! 
The only highlight in her life is when three Vikings come to her rescue from being verbally attacked, the ensuing fight gives everyone a chance to blow off steam, and they get her phone number. 
Soren, Tristan and Lucas run a bed and breakfast, it’s looking a little rundown, so they need a woman’s touch. They have the ideal woman in mind, they just need to convince her to give up her job and come work for them. 
As they become friends, Candy is fighting her guilt, she likes them all, she can’t date one without hurting the other two! Maybe dating all three together should feel wrong, but when the men tell her what they want, it gives her things to think about. 
A few fun filled times, a few steamy moments. The laughter made the book for me. And the fact they aren’t brothers (that always makes me feel a little icky!) is a plus. 
And when her family start asking when will she be coming home, it puts the men motion, if they don’t want her to go, then they need to show her how much she means to them. 
It’s a fun read, and as it’s October, it’s a Halloween must read. 
The chemistry between the four is not as hot as I’ve read from other RH. 
The bonus epilogue ties up the book nicely. 

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