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Arc Review…. Something to hold onto (Silver Duet series)  Book 2 by M.K. Oien 📱

Something to hold onto (Silver Duet series)  Book 2 by M.K. Oien 



She was supposed to be the key. The one person who could assist me in finally getting what I wanted. 
But all the good things I’d coveted in my life including her, wouldn’t lead me down the pretty path I originally planned. 
The moment I met Claire Evans I knew she’d be the death of me. 

He was arrogant, unapologetic and cruel. The golden boy of Seattle, the ever perfect and always winning Mickey F***ing Silver. 
I hated him. 
I followed him into the darkness with the promise of reward. When he let go of my hand I was left abandoned and shattered. I knew he’d be the death of me. 

This is a tale of love and hate, revenge and forgiveness, life and death. 
A story that starts with good intentions and obliterates every expectation. 

*This book is intended for mature readers 18+ due to sensitive subject matter including violence, adult language, and a whole lot of steam.

Reading Order :
Silver Duet Series 
Book 1 Something to believe in
Book 2 Something to hold onto 

Publication date 3/11/2020

My Review….. 

Something to believe in starts that story, Mickey’s brother and best friend are in that one, so the second book is all about Mickey Silver. 
I haven’t read the first book, I know it says the book stands alone, but when previous characters are woven into the first book, it really makes me want to read that one first! And I have a feeling there are things in that book pertaining to this one! 
Claire hates Mickey with a passion the reason, her ex boyfriend worked for him selling drugs! The way Cory talked about the awesome Mickey Silver, you thought the sun rose and set on his boss! And the arrogance when Claire met him was enough for her to never want to see him ever again! 
Mickey Silver has worked hard to get to where he is now, he’s also cheated, stolen, lied and crossed a few other lines. 
I was prepared to hate him, a drug dealer is not usually high on my list of books to read. A taker, someone who would probably blow your brains out if he thought you had crossed him! 
But something most people don’t know about Mickey, he wants out of this business. And he’s making preparations to leave this business to someone else, he’ll have enough money to live comfortably and he’s sick of watching his back.
There’s a saying in life that good things come to those who wait. 
That doesn’t work for me since I’m one of the most impatient people on the planet. Don’t mistake that for not having good things. As a matter of fact I’ve got more than my fair share of desirable assets and then some. 
Patience may be a virtue, but I’ve never been known for my morality. 
Do you know why wonderful things happen for me? It isn’t luck or fate or some random philosophical bullshit. 
I make it happen. I work my ass off for what I want and that’s how it’s always been. 
Being the prodigal son of Jack Silver, lead drug kingpin for the Pacific Northwest since 1985, I had no other choice. He was my father, my teacher, my boss. If I didn’t strive to reach his level of success, I’d be useless. That’s why I take what I want or die trying and I’m not dead yet so I’d say I’m a success. 
Call me a workaholic, a selfish asshole, or a thief; it doesn’t matter, I’ll take it. Just like I take everything else I want. I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of me……
What made me continue with the book was his love for his best friend and his brother. It made him seem human, to worry about other people other than himself, so with that in mind I continued. 
“Does your girl know what it might be?” Dom asked. 
“She’s not my girl.” I growled. 
He snorted. “Whatever you say man. I saw that mark on her neck. You seriously telling me you didn’t tap that when you’ve had her locked away this entire time?”
“Watch it.” I warned in a threatening voice. “Why does everyone assume that?” 
Dom chuckled. “Gee man, I don’t know. Maybe because you’ve had a thing for her since the first time you saw her. Mack called it last year. We knew you of all people would end up falling for someone you could never have.” 
My eyes narrowed. “This is off topic. Back to the task at hand,” I said…..
The chemistry between Claire and Mickey sizzles almost from the first. The hate that Claire says she feels for Mickey probably feels real to her, but you have to wonder if she was hiding her feelings for him from the start. 
Mickey thinks “stripper” and has preconceived notion of his “rat’s” girlfriend, she’s got to be easy and willing to give up her boyfriend. He’s blown out of the water in both cases…… 
So Mickey’s plan, kidnap Claire and get her boyfriend come rescue her! 
Claire can only see one problem with that, they split up! Mickey is going to have to come up with some other plan! But he’s convinced that Corey will come and rescue her, then he will convince Corey to back to him, and then he will deal with the real culprit (A man that was prominent in the previous book) he wants Delgado in prison or dead for the hassle he caused his brother and his best friend. 
The kidnapping is actually a contract between Mickey and Claire, she’s to be paid for her time, but she needs to be close to Mickey for it to work!! 
This book is a rollercoaster of emotion, guilt, anger, hate, double dealings and back stabbing. 
But there is also family loyalty, love, tender moments and a connection that sizzles across the pages. 
What starts out as blackmail, turns into two people slowly turning to one another as the world they know goes crazy!! 
“I hate that I’m the reason for what happened to you and it kills me that I couldn’t get to you sooner.” 

“I don’t blame you.” 

“I know because you’re a beautiful soul and that makes me feel even more like a bastard. I swear to you I’ve never felt the way I do about you with anyone before. It probably sounds cheesy but I love you more than anything in this world and when I think about my future, you’re in it. I’ve felt that way since the day I took you to the waterfall.”

Mickey can’t get enough of Claire, there is nothing he won’t do for her, she is it for him, and for Claire, the sun rises and sets with him. Neither thought they’d find this kind of love, both thought it would be like fireworks (short but intense) 

So is my review a little off? Maybe, I wanted to know Mickey before this book, so I kept looking for something else.

So I stopped, read something else and came back up it, and I’m glad I did. 

It’s got a few triggers, it’s got a few heart wrenching moments, and it’s got pages where it just took my breath away. 

I’m still not a fan of drug dealers, I’m still not a fan of excess violence, but I am a fan of this author. 

I’d recommend this book for several reasons. And I know I’m going back to read the first story (if only to read about Mickey) 


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