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Arc Review…. Bloody Heart: A Second Chance Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 4) by Sophie Lark 👩🏻‍💻

Bloody Heart: A Second Chance Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 4) by Sophie Lark


She Cut My Heart Open…

I only meant to steal a car. I didn’t know I was stealing a girl, too. Until the most gorgeous face I’d ever seen popped up in the rear-view mirror.

I fell hard, fast, and forever…

But she tore out my heart — left me alone and bleeding.

How can I forget her, when I have to see that damned perfect face on billboards and magazines?

It’s torture.

9 long years. I thought I moved on.

Then I saw her in the flesh…

And my heart started bleeding all over again…

Reading Order:

Brutal Birthright Series

Book 1 Brutal Prince

Book 2 Stolen Heir

Book 3 Savage Lover

Book 4 Bloody Heart

Book 5 Broken Vow

Book 6 Heavy Crown

Publication date 28/10/2020

Now usually I read the back cover to see what’s going on….

But without a description online when I received the arc, I had to read it blind….

What a rollercoaster of a ride!!!! I think it’s the best way to read from now on, so no more descriptions for me, until the review is done😉

Dante is a Gallo, we’ve met him in the previous books. A mafia boss’s son, nothing and no one is out of bounds as far as Dante is concerned. Living fast and loving his life.

Simone is a new face, the youngest daughter of a diplomat, brought up to be a young lady, groomed to do as she was told. But Simone wants more, she wants to design, to make pretty clothes, but when her father tells her no, Simone knows she will never have the life she wants.

They meet by accident, wrong time, wrong place (or maybe it was fate) Dante drives away with Simone in the back of the car he steals!

He’s fascinated with her, she’s nothing like he’s ever met before. Simone should be frightened, but she feels safe, and a short ride later, Dante escapes the car, but takes Simone’s heart with him!

So, the story starts off as young love, an accidental meeting turns into an adventure, meeting in secret, stolen kisses and moments of pure happiness. They avoid the talk of the future, they both know it won’t go on forever, but for the moment it’s all they want.

“I love you, Simone,” he says, his dark eyes boring into mine. “I know it’s only been a month—” “I love you, too,” I tell him quickly. “I don’t care how long it’s been. This thing between us—” “It’s not normal,” Dante says. “I love you like . . . like I’d destroy anything that tried to come between us. Like I’d burn the whole world down if I had to.” His eyes keep hold of mine. I can’t look away. I don’t want to look away. I only want to nod. “I know,” I say. “I want you. Nothing else,” he says. “You have me. All of me.” “Promise me, Simone.” “I’m yours. Till the day I die.” He smiles and presses his heavy lips on mine. “I want you longer than that,” he growls. I was never raised to fall in love like this. Without reason or choice. Only wild, intense obsession. I never meant for this to happen. But now that it has, there’s no escaping. I belong to Dante. And he belongs to me.

Then boom!!! My whole world crashes just like Dante’s! That was a turn I was not expecting!

And if you’ve read the previous books in this series, you’ll know love never runs smooth in this series, in fact it’s usually bloody and painful.

So the gentle start completely threw me, and what happens will tear your heart out and stomp on it until it’s a bloody mess!

We then move on……

It’s nine years later.

Dante is empty inside, he still looks after his family, he is now a real estate developer, still a little dangerous under that suit.

Simone is a famous model, her face is her trademark (what happened to her dream of designing clothes?) but inside she’s dead, the world is without colour, without joy, her only bit of joy is hidden deep in her heart.

When they meet up for the first time in nine years, it feels like time had fallen away for Dante, he can’t take his eyes off her, he knows he should harden his heart, but it’s Simone, it’s no good, his heart has always and will only belong to her.

Simone thinks he has nothing but hate for her, his face is stone, nothing is given away.

So can they move forward? Can they recapture their young love? Or has too much time passed for the couple?

“I’m so sorry,” Simone sobs.

“Don’t you ever be sorry,” I tell her, my voice thick with all the things I’ve wanted to say to her, all this time. “I love you, Simone. I have always loved you, and I will always love you. I’m never going to stop. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you have my heart in your hands.” “I love you so much,” she cries, her voice cracking. “I can’t believe you found me . . .”

“I’ll always keep you safe,” I promise her.

I didn’t think this series could get any better after I read the last book in the series (Savage Lover) but I was wrong, so wrong. I read this in one day, I couldn’t leave it alone.

I recommend this book, in fact I recommend the whole series. And now I need to go lie down. I’m drained!!!

You don’t need to read the previous books, each book is a standalone and a HEA ending.

But we do catch up with previous characters (that was nice) it’s written in the characters prospective. The story is written brilliantly like the previous stories, you become invested in the Gallo/Griffin siblings, and now I’m really hoping Sebastian is next.


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