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Arc Review.. Claim Me Now (Heron Harbor Book 2) by Lea Nolan 📱

Claim Me Now (Heron Harbor Book 2) by Lea Nolan  

Raven Donovan isn’t looking for a relationship. She’s married to her job and vice president of her company. So she’s blindsided when a corporate takeover leaves her unceremoniously unemployed. Reeling, she retreats to her family’s beach house on Heron Harbor Island and drowns her sorrows in a bottle of tequila. And then a tall, dark, and gorgeous stranger walks through the door…

Jack Baines has it all—money, a good job, and he’s the heir to one of the largest private equity firms on the East Coast. With his latest conquest under his belt, he should be flying high. But as much as he enjoys the thrill of the hunt, firing people takes a toll on him. So he heads to the beach for some alone time, never expecting to find a half-naked, dark-haired beauty in his rental.

With a storm raging outside, Raven and Jack end up sharing more than just the house. A scorching night turns into a red-hot weekend that reveals how much they have in common—including Raven’s ex-company. That revelation threatens everything they’ve found unless they fight to build something new…together. 

Reading Order:
Heron Harbor Series
Book 1 Want Me Always
Book 2 Claim Me Now 
Publication date 1/12/2020

My Review…..
Raven only wants to lick her wounds and hide from the world after being sacked!! She poured her heart and soul into the company and the item they had created. She tries to warn the company, but as the young members of the board wanted to get rich quick, it fell on deaf ears. So she gone home to rest and work out her options….. 
Jack just needs to recharge and then he’s off again to do the job he loves (or does he?) his friend has let him borrow the family home in harbour for the weekend. 
He never expected company…..
Second book in the Heron Harbour series and we are back to see if the harbour can work its magic once again….. 
You don’t need to read the first book, they all stand happily on their own, but there is a familial link to the books. 
The sparks these two have for each other soon burst into a fiery and passionate weekend. 
But with Jack and Raven being so totally different, how can this last for longer than a weekend? 
And when Raven finds out who Jack really 
is, can she let go of resentment and anger?
I liked the characters, Raven being sassy and independent, she’s also got a good head on those shoulders, she’s not some innocent needing rescuing from the big bad man! She fights her own battles, and it made a refreshing change. 
Jack plays his cards closer to his chest, and I found him a little standoffish at times, and not very flexible, he didn’t always get the point Raven was trying to make. 
I love Heron Harbour, it was beautifully described so I could easily see me walking along the beach. 
We get enough background on both the MC to understand a little of why they are the way they are. 
I did want to bang their heads together a few times, especially towards the ending….. 
So, if you want a naughty weekend with the promise of forever, then grab Heron Harbour and enjoy. 
And I think I’m going to go grab the first book and possibly pre-order the third. 

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