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Kindle Review…. The Clawed Squad: Tyler (The Bear Shifters of Clawed Ranch Book 4) by Kim Fox ๐Ÿ“ฑ

The Clawed Squad: Tyler (The Bear Shifters of Clawed Ranch Book 4) by Kim Fox


Skin shifter, Tyler Jones, hasn’t been home in almost a decade. Why would he? His community of skin shifters excommunicated him, Jacob, the ruler who happens to be his older brother, is a psychopath, and the girl who he spent his whole youth loving broke his heart when she turned him away. So yeah, he’s just fine staying on Clawed Ranch.

Skin shifter, Isabelle Lexington, is desperate. Years ago, out of fear, she chose Jacob to be her husband over the true love of her life, Tyler. It was the biggest mistake of her life and now she’s paying the terrible consequences. If only she could turn back time, but she just may be able to; If she can only make Tyler see…

After taking one look at Isabelle, Tyler is doing something that he vowed never to do: return home. But things have changed since he left. His brother Jacob is more powerful than ever; a rare master skin shifter. Tyler is hopelessly outmatched but hopelessly in love. A dangerous combination that will launch both Isabelle and Tyler into the true face of evil.

Publication date 13/9/2016 *

My Review…..

Tyler loves his crew, he really does, he might have to remind himself several times a day, but there isnโ€™t a shifter there he wouldnโ€™t take a bullet for. His best friend Thorn is suffering and he canโ€™t help, he knows how it feels to have lost the one thing you loved more than life itself. Thorn lost his mate to death, Tyler lost the love of his life to his brother!

Tyler is different from the rest of the Clawed crew, heโ€™s a Skin Shifter! He can control all animals even shifters if they shift into their animals, Tyler doesnโ€™t take advantage, but it has come in handy when  needed. It takes a lot of energy to control a shifters animal, so itโ€™s only done in an emergency 

Isabelle had loved Tyler as a child, as a teen and as a young woman, but she knows her place, so she broke his heart when she mated his brother and then watched as he was banished from his clan! But she never really stopped loving him. 

And now she has to convince him to come back and fight to be leader, his brother (her mate) wasnโ€™t the leader her clan thought he would be, heโ€™s mean and vindictive, he beats her! (Some say she might have deserved it, but no one deserves to be treated like that!) 

Tyler wonโ€™t come back and kill his brother, the clan made their choice, so they can live with it! But when Isabelle visits him in his new home, he canโ€™t get over how much she has changed! And he still thinks of her as his! 

The battle comes to their town in the form of his brother, so Tyler has no choice but to fight him. But how can he beat him when heโ€™s so much stronger? And what will happen after? Will he be able to claim Isabelle for himself? 

Didnโ€™t really like this one. I didnโ€™t connect with Isabelle and Tyler like I did with the other books. And the ending was a little anticlimactic! 


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