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Kindle Review… Ride Me Dirty (Bridgewater County) book 1 by Vanessa Vale 📱

Ride Me Dirty (Bridgewater County) book 1 by Vanessa Vale


They’re going to claim her. Together. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Catherine’s life is in New York. The property she’s inherited is in Bridgewater, Montana….. 

Going back to the town she visited every summer as a child stirs up long forgotten memories and a girlhood crush, on not one teen-turned-hot-cowboy, but two, 

Cousins Jack and Sam Kane. 

Fortunately for her, in Bridgewater, one cowboy’s never enough.

In this contemporary version of Vanessa Vale’s USA Today bestselling, Bridgewater Ménage series, Catherine is forced to choose the life she really wants: the big-city lawyer or the small town cowgirl with two men who want to take her for a very dirty ride. 

Bridgewater County Series:
Book 1 – Ride Me Dirty 

Book 2 – Claim Me Hard 

Book 3 – Take Me Fast 

Book 4 – Hold Me Close

Book 5 – Make Me Yours

Book 6 – Kiss Me Crazy 

Publication date 5/4/2017

My Review….. 

Catherine is an attorney in New York, almost a partner, well she would be if an associate wasn’t poaching her clients, and the fact she’s on her way to Bridgewater to sign papers for property she’s inherited, doesn’t help, if she doesn’t get back soon, then all that hard work would have been for nothing. 

Jack is a rancher in Montana, he’s ready to settle down, take a wife, raise some kids, and just have some fun……

Sam is a lawyer in Montana, but before that he was a hardworking lawyer, almost killed himself proving he could go it, but now he’s home and it’s a slower pace, but he still enjoys his work. But it’s now time to look for a wife, not a lot going on in bridgewater, here’s hoping someone comes along soon….

The cousins knew from an early age that they would share a wife. It’s the way of their families and the town they come from is built on that concept. Two men at least to look after and love the wife and any children that come along. 

When they were younger the cousins almost got married! But they were too young, and Jake refused, Sam moved away, and they lost touch. But they never forgot the pact they made, one woman for the both of them, could Katie be the one? 

Katie doesn’t want to stay in Bridgewater, she has a life, sure it’s fast paced and nonstop, but if she makes partner then she’s made it. 

But the more time she spends with jack and Sam, it gets harder to convince herself. Spending time with people who live to look after one another is a nice concept, but can she really move here? 

It’s a fun filled short read. Lots of sex, lots of laughter. It’s the first book in the series. But they can be read on their own. 


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