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Kindle Review….. Claim Me Hard (Bridgewater County Book 2) by Vanessa Vale 📱

Claim Me Hard (Bridgewater County Book 2) by Vanessa Vale 


“It’s HOT in Bridgewater, Montana and a girl could get heat stroke from the alpha males in town!” 

Claim Me Hard is book 2 in the wildly dirty series where two obsessed alpha cowboys meet their Type-A heroine.

Hiding in Bridgewater from a crazy ex-boyfriend, Hannah Winters is determined to keep her head down and her heart locked safely away. One look at two alpha cowboys and Hannah is going to have a very hard time keeping the ice around her heart from melting. When her dangerous past catches up to her, will Cole and Declan convince her to stop running, from her past, and from the desire burning white hot between them?

Warning: Panty melting! Claim Me Hard is book 2 in the wildly dirty series where two obsessed alpha cowboys meet their Type-A heroine. This standalone HEA is all about her – no M/M.

Bridgewater County Series:
Book 1 – Ride Me Dirty 

Book 2 – Claim Me Hard 

Book 3 – Take Me Fast 

Book 4 – Hold Me Close

Book 5 – Make Me Yours

Book 6 – Kiss Me Crazy 

Publication date 1/6/2017 *

My Review…… 

Declan is a cop, he’s grown up in a loving ménage family, he’s watched as his mother was the center of his fathers world, and he wants that, and he knows he’s going to have his work cut out with his cousin Cole, trying to convince that cowboy is going to be hard enough, he didn’t realise he’s going to have to work just as hard to convince his woman!! Good job he’s up to the challenge! 
Cole owns and runs a ranch, he’s scared of commitment, he watched his father give up everything for his scheming stepmother, so he’s in no rush to find a wife, but he knows when he does, it’s going to be for keeps. 
Hannah was use to hard work, she’d trained for it, but swapping scrubs for a waitressing uniform wasn’t what she’d had in mind. She was a doctor, not a server, but that’s what an abusive boyfriend can do to you. He makes you run from your old life and embrace a new one! 
Book two sees a cowboy and a cop try to keep their waitress. They know somewhere along the line she’s had it hard. So a gentle hand it needed to bring her into their waiting arms. 
Because in Bridgewater two sets of arms are better than one. 
So can Declan and Cole woo and win their waitress? Or will she bolt? 
And can she truly be free of Brad the abusive boyfriend, who swore she’d be his forever? 
And when her old life catches up with her, will it prove to Cole that all women are liars? Can they all find their happy ending with each other, or will it just be too much, and they walk away? 
Another fun filled short story. We met Declan in book one. “Ride me hard”, Declan is the easier going out of the two, I found Cole harder work to like, but once you realise he wants a family, but can’t trust, you want to cheer him on. 
The theme of abuse is handled with the respect it’s due. There are lots of tender moments, and naughty moments. Again as it’s a short story, they need to get it all done in a matter of days! 
But if it’s a fun filled sexy time your looking for, then this is the one for you. 


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

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