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Arc Review…Trusting the Betrayed (Rogue Dragons)Book 1 by Emilia Hartley👩🏻‍💻

Trusting the Betrayed (Rogue Dragons)Book 1 by Emilia Hartley 


Casey has a job to do, and it doesn’t involve going to battle for a pixie of a woman with ever-changing hair and a violent ex. He doesn’t have time to meet new women. His clan leader has sent him and a couple of other misfits to retrieve his heir from the little mountain hamlet where the man has been hiding out for weeks. He must convince his once best friend to come back home—or drag him back if it comes to that—before their leader decides to put them both down. 

Casey knows he shouldn’t be wasting time rescuing damsels in distress in the produce section of the grocery store. But he can’t help it. And the more he tells himself it can’t be permanent, the more he wants the ethereal creature he met between the pomegranates and the bananas.

Evangeline’s grandfather raised her and taught her how to make a living as an artist—by inking her designs on people’s skin. He would be so proud of her for opening her own shop—and for finally dumping her abusive boyfriend. If the scumbag hadn’t stolen her grandfather’s ring, she’d never see him again. As it is, she meets him in public to demand he return her property, but when he shows up, she only escapes him dragging her into the parking lot for another beating when a giant, brooding man chases him away. 

Evangeline tries to thank the stranger, but he won’t even give her his name. He says he’s not sticking around town long and doesn’t want ties here. She tries to convince herself that it’s a good thing he’s leaving. She’s attracted to the guy, and given her taste in men, that’s a sure sign the stranger is no good for her. Which is too bad. Even though she doesn’t know who he is, Evangeline is half in love with him already.

Publication date 18/8/2020 *

My Review….. 

Casey is in town to find and bring his best friend and clanmate back to the pack. His father wants him home to begin training as future leader of the dragon clan, and so has tasked Casey with this job! 

So that’s what he’s going to do, along with two others (I get the impression he doesn’t really know these guys all that well) so why he had to stop an altercation between a guy and his girlfriend he wasn’t sure. Oh yes he does, his dragon wanted to be near her (not a usual occurrence!) And after he scares the dude off, he’s left alone with the cute little human, now what?! 

Casey thought his beast would settle, but it still writhed just under his skin when he turned to face the silver-haired woman. She was ethereal, slim enough that she would float away on a stiff breeze if he didn’t hold her down. Not even the weight of her earrings would keep her tethered to the earth. “Have a good day, ma’am.” He had to leave her. He had to walk away. If he didn’t… “Hey! Thank you,” she called out. Her footsteps caught up with him. “I don’t know how to repay you for that. Can I ask your name, at least?” Casey grunted. “I’m not here for long. Not here looking to make friends.” The pout that overcame her glossy pink lips nearly tore his heart in two. A tiny multi-colored gem winked in her button nose. He wanted to take her under his wing and keep her safe from whatever the world might throw at her, but Casey had been sent here on a mission. To keep this fairy girl would be to invite her into danger.

Evangeline has her grandfather to thank for her love of art and from there tattoos, she owns her own shop and loves what she does. What she doesn’t love anymore is her ex!! 

So when the skanky ex boyfriend steals her grandfather’s signet ring, she had no option but to meet up with him. Surely she can reason with him? 

The idiot all but accuses her of being crazy, and wants them to be together again, he tries to pull her out of the store she arranged to meet him in. The only person to help her is a stranger. But boy what a stranger, the man was huge!!! 

First book in a new series. This usually sets the story, and this author is good at doing that . 


Casey sets about trying to convince Gavin (the wayward son) to come home, whilst trying to keep his dragon from hunting down the cutie in the store. Talk about multitasking! 

Gavin and Casey were best friends until he left the clan, leaving Casey on his own, he’s missed his friend, but was annoyed that Gavin didn’t tell him he was going (just up and left!) 

His dragon wants a mate! He’s in no position to agree, he never thought he’d have one anyway, but with a war coming it wouldn’t be fair or safe to take on a mate, plus she is human, so shifters and humans? A big no no! 

But you try telling that to his dragon! 

Evangeline would never have to know that Casey was watching over her. He would keep his distance, because letting his dragon have her wasn’t an option. She had a whole life here in this little mountain town. Casey, on the other hand, had a mission and a clan to return to. He couldn’t mate this girl and drag her back with him when she had so many roots here. Their lives would go on, in two separate directions. This was for the best. No matter how much he hated it.

The ongoing attraction between Casey and Evangeline is fun to read. He thinks in terms of a quick fling, both Evangeline and his dragon think otherwise! 

I like Evangeline, she was a very independent, fun filled woman. Quick to love (a little too quick sometimes) and loyal to a fault. 

We meet his crew (Dillon and Erik) the wayward son (Gavin), and the dragon king Zander is on his way! 

We get a little background on them all, so you have to wonder if these are the characters for the next series? 

So…. will Casey convince his dragon to leave Evangeline alone? Can he get his best friend to come home? And can he keep Dillon and Erik from wrecking the town and from people discovering there are real dragons? 

I can’t wait to see who is next in this series. And I can’t wait to see what happens next. 


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

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