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Arc Review… Rogue Dragons Series: Finding the Forgotten book 2 by Emilia Hartley👩🏻‍💻

Rogue Dragons Series: Finding the Forgotten book 2 by Emilia Hartley


She’s escaping a manipulative boyfriend. He’s huge, big-hearted, and intent on protecting her. They’d be great together if only his protection didn’t feel like a new trap.

Nobody has ever needed Dillon. Not his mom, who dumped him with a dragon-shifter clan when his beast manifested. Not his adoptive parents, who never wanted kids. Not his clan leader, who sent Dillon with other misfits to retrieve his son. Not even the women he protected as a club bouncer. In fact, the only woman who looks at Dillon without any fear in her eyes is

Isabella, the pregnant friend of a friend who is crashing at the guys’ cabin until she can get on her feet. Dillon would do anything for Isabella—absolutely anything. Even give her the time and space she needs to heal after her last relationship.

As timid as her pet rabbit, Isabella worries about moving in with a group of dragon shifters, but they’re sweeter than she imagined, especially Dillon. The big, quiet guy is always doing something for somebody. Isabella will never be able to pay him back for all his kindnesses. Every day, her debt to him grows deeper and her attraction to him grows stronger. If only his protective nature didn’t trigger memories that put her in a panic, a relationship with him would be perfect. But maybe it’s best not to start up anything serious. A fight with Dillon’s old clan is coming, and her fearful, frail, pregnant-human self will be a liability. For Dillon’s own good, she has to leave him. It will break her heart, but it’s the only way. Dillon deserves better.

Finding the Forgotten is book two in the Rogue Dragons series. Though the books are probably best read in order, Dillon and Isabella’s story stands on its own—a complete romance with some steam and a very satisfying happy-ever-after.

Rogue Dragons Series: 
Book 1: Trusting the Betrayed  
Book 2: Finding the Forgotten 
Book 3: Restoring the Broken 
Book 4: Redeeming the Rejected 

Book 5: Tasting the Forbidden

Publication date 2/9/2020 *

My Review…..

Book two and it’s all about Dillon. He was a character in book one (Trusting the Betrayed) he was sent along with Erik and Casey to bring their Prince back! But as it turns out he doesn’t want to come back. (In fact his dragon has claimed the mountain they live on as his!) 

And now Casey is happily mated to a human Casey doesn’t want to go home either! 

That doesn’t really worry Dillon too much. He’s never really fitted in with the old clan, he always felt like an outsider. 

And maybe, just maybe he can find a mate like Casey did and have someone to love and protect. 

Quick background….. Gavin is the prince to another dragon clan, but he ran away. His father isn’t happy and told Casey, Erik and Dillon to retrieve him. We find out that Zander (the king) has given them three months to bring him home, if they can’t he’s coming to get his son himself! (But Gavin lets slip that he doesn’t think they will go home, they will be killed!)

Nellie, Isabella and Evangeline are all aware that the strangers that came into town are dragons. And they intend to become their own clan (with their own tattoo) and live there. 

Isabella is friends with Evangeline and Nellie. She’s a self publishing author, she’s had to hide what she does from her boyfriend, he’s not the nurturing type! In fact if it wasn’t for her two best friends, she’d have no one, and that’s how Tommy (her ex) likes it. 

So when Isabella finds out she’s pregnant, she needs to get away, and get away fast, Tommy won’t like sharing her with anyone else, and certainly not a baby! 

From the back cover I was prepared to cry, it sounded such a sad story, and it is up to a point. 

Both Dillon and Isabella have been dealt blows in their lives. Nobody really wanting them! Being rejected throughout their lives has given them a very low opinion of themselves. So when loves comes along, who is going to trust that? 

I thought Dillon was the quiet one of the bunch, but he’s also got a huge chip on his shoulder, he thinks that everyone only wants him for his size, so he needs to be protector and guardian, that way they won’t throw him away! 

Isabella is just the same, she wants desperately to be loved, so will give in instead of fighting for what she wants. 

In fact you want to bang their heads together sometimes! He was to quick to please, and she was too quick to see the negatives! 

Moving into the dragons den (well the communal log cabin Gavin, Erik and Dillon live in) would solve Isabella’s issue of accommodation, she could also write there. They first have to get past Gavin (he really is a grumpy dragon) 

And when they do, Isabella has to overcome her fear of big men and sudden movements. 

But living with a bunch of rowdy dragon shifters isn’t as bad as Isabella thinks, and Dillon is so kind, in fact too kind, Isabella is always wondering what he wants her to do instead! 

And when trouble comes knocking on their door in the shape of dragons, will Dillon be able to protect everyone (even though most are capable enough to look after themselves) Can he be the gentle man Isabella needs, or will Zander come in and wreck it all? 

This book is more of a slow burn romance, which is good sometimes. We get more focus on the story and less bedroom antics! 

Looking forward to the next book. 


*I am an Amazon affiliate and all the book links are my affiliate links. Using them I do receive a small commission.

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