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Arc Review….. Tasting the Forbidden (Rogue Dragons Series) Book 5 by Emilia Hartley 👩🏻‍💻

Tasting the Forbidden (Rogue Dragons Series) Book 5 by Emilia Hartley 


Her mom always told her that dragon shifters would burn her to death for her magic, and now the local dragon-clan leader is hunting her down.

Nellie loves her small town, but ever since a rag-tag bunch of dragon shifters moved in and snapped up her friends as mates, she’s considered leaving. Even being in the presence of a dragon shifter can send her into a panic attack. That’s a problem since her best friend and coworker, Evangeline, has changed into one. To make matters worse, Evangeline is pushing Nellie to let her guard down around the hot but scary clan leader, Gavin. Never. Going. To. Happen.

The trouble is, Gavin won’t stop looking for her, and Nellie has used up nearly all her magic trying to avoid him.

Gavin Masters knows he’s a monster, but that doesn’t stop him wishing Nellie would keep even one of the gifts he’s sent her. He can’t stop thinking about her sassy wit, her soft curves, and her silky hair. His obsession with her has almost completely driven out the wild pain he felt when the woman he thought was his mate left him, claiming to be afraid of him. Unfortunately, Nellie is afraid of him, too—with good reason, he learns. Many of her ancestors have been burned to death by dragons. Gavin would never let anyone do that to Nellie, but he understands why she could never trust him.

Too bad he can’t convince his beast—or his heart—that pursuing her is a lost cause.

The last book in the Rogue Dragons series, Tasting the Forbidden is a steamy romance with great action and a satisfying happily-ever-after that makes it a great read either on its own or with the other books in the series. 

Reading Order:

Rogue Dragons Series:

Book 1: Trusting the Betrayed

Book 2: Finding the Forgotten

Book 3: Restoring the Broken

Book 4: Redeeming the Rejected

Book 5: Tasting the Forbidden

Publication date (18/10/2020)

My Review…..

Final book in this enjoyable series. 

Gavin has been in the every book, but then so has Nellie. And although you know they will be together, the journey getting there did have me wondering if I might have been wrong! 

His mate didn’t want him, so Gavin wanted after he left his father’s clan was to be left alone! But that wasn’t the case, his best friend Casey came to find him, and at first to bring him home (in whatever way he could) he couldn’t understand why Casey cared so much (i didn’t say Gavin was the smartest dragon) Casey brought other dragons from the old clan (or rejects as his father liked to call them) but when Casey found his mate here, he wouldn’t leave, and so Gavin found himself the leader of a clan of misfits (even if he didn’t want them) one by one his clan found their mates (even Erik who swore he was broken) 

Gavin said he didn’t care, and maybe at first he didn’t, until one night he finds out that maybe the woman he fell for in the old clan wasn’t his mate (maybe) 

His dragon is fascinated with the friend of Casey’s mate, but she won’t even look at him!!

Maybe he is a monster?!

Nellie has been told all her life that dragons hate witches. If they discover a witch lives close to them, then dragons will burn them alive! So Nellie has no intention of talking, meeting or accepting any gift from the leader of the dragon clan that now live in her town. He maybe gorgeous, he maybe hot, but Nellie can’t take that chance, so for the past four books she has masked her presence from Gavin. It takes a lot of power to keep the shield up, and Nellie has never had to keep the barrier up for so long! And she’s helping whenever the dragon clan is attacked by Gavin’s father. 

Then the worse happens, Nellie’s magic disappears!! Without her magic she feels defenceless, and now Gavin will be able to track her…… 

This story was my favourite, you have to feel sorry for Gavin, been told by your father that your worthless, useless and wishing he was dead! No wonder he left the clan, but he was also about to be mated, but she couldn’t go through with it (that’s why he thinks he’s a monster) so leaving his fathers clan, Gavin finds a mountain for his dragon to defend. He then realises he’s going to be on his own, and he’s sort of ok with it. 

But he’s not left alone for long, his best friend Casey comes to bring him back, and I could see why Gavin didn’t want to, so that’s why he was always fighting with the other dragons. 

And then when he catches a glimpse of Nellie at a fire humans cause, his dragon wants to get to know her better. But she vanishes! 

So when her magic disappears, Gavin thinks he has the chance to get to know Nellie. But she doesn’t want to know. And that upsets both Gavin and his dragon! But he perseveres, he’s gentle when he didn’t think he had it in him, he’s strong for nellie to lean on. Can she be his mate? 

Nellie was awesome, she knew what she was and embraced it, and she knew that dragons were to be avoided. But how can you avoid them when your best friend bonds with a dragon, then said best friend becomes a dragon?! 

Can she overcome the fear her mother installed into her? 

Meeting Gavin, Nellie is both terrified and fascinated by the dragon/man. She swings between wanting to trust him and wanting to run for the hills. 

But slowly Gavin wins Nellie over. Their attraction towards one another was lovely. He never pushed, he waited, he hoped, he wanted what his new clan had, a mate of his own….. 

The fight that had been promised in the past four books didn’t really deliver! It was good, but short! 

This series ended with a great book. And I’d recommend this book and series. 


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